Who has made the Biggest Impact so far on the NBA playoffs?

#1 LeBron James(He carried his team again last night and they needed the push from Mo Williams and Daniel Gibson. I have been watching the “Z Man”(Ilgauskas) off and on for nearly 15 years and this guy has been with the Cavs forever and he still contributes. How do you play “D” on Howard?????)

#2 Kobe Bryant(He is always there and if Lamar Odom can co-exsist with Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol then the Lakers can win it all. Bynum is the biggest head case on the team.)

#3 Dwight Howard(This guy is the up-and-coming superstar. He is built like a brick outhouse and when he gets deep in the lane the only thing that can stop him is the whistle.)

#4 Carmelo Anthony(He has the vertical shape, but to me does not have the power of James or Howard and his glide to bucket is not in the same neighborhood as Kobe’s.

*****The only difference in Kobe and LeBron is that Kobe is not as strong as LeBron and nobody is as strong as Dwight Howard, but he is still on the rise and probably will never possess the ball-handling skills of a Kobe or LeBron…..*****


  1. Lebron to me is the best all round. He stays humble too long. He has to take over earlier in the game.

    Kobe looks better the last two years because of his supporting cast. I guess that’s why it is a basketball team. He whines too much. But I have to give it to him. He can shoot.

    Dwight….well he is definitley strong looking like one of the incredibles, but he is defendable. Don’t let him get the ball in the paint, double team him…he is not yet a great passer, and go at him he will get in foul trouble.

    Carmelo…too streaky. I love this guy though. Once he starts to believe in his abilities and play defense he will be at the top of the best. I just don’t think he believes in him or something is distracting him.

  2. 1 Kobe Bryant cause the Lakers will win it all.

    2 Dwight Howard because the Magic will be playing LA for the title.

    3 LeBron cause he couldn’t will his team to the finals.

    4 Carmelo cause his team will finish last or be eliminated first from the playoffs or the final four.

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