Metro 4-A All-Conference baseball team

Metro 4-A Player of the Year:Stephen Mekita(Northwest Guilford)
Coach of the Year:Ken Helms(High Point Central)

All-Conference Selections:
from Northwest Guilford-Stephen Mekita
Alex Swim
Robbie McIntosh
Corey McKinney
Nathan Becker

from East Forsyth-Luke Dunlap
Evan Orenstein
Pete Schultz
Shane Dickerson
Justin Bolens
Jacob Watts
Landon O’Dell

from High Point Central-Tyler Ellis
Justin Lassiter
Houston Ison

from Grimsley-Gabe Dimock
Korey Shumate

from Page-Anthony Tadino
Zach Reffey


  1. shumate is simmons’ kind of player,easy to control.listens well. stays after practice to work on fielding ground balls with coach.thus, all conference.

  2. Huh? he still cost his team a lot of runs. maybe not enuf grounders after practice

  3. he batted 513. so yea! hes a freshman and yes sometimes struggles with the glove but hit over FREAKING 500.

  4. kory is a 14 year old freshamn. playing the toughest position on the field. offensivley, it looks as if he had a very good year. why bash him? he made some errors, sure. but again, why are people being so critical of a 14 year old?


  6. word is that simmons hopes to land an asst. coach position at A&T in the next few years. that explains a lot

  7. the conference coaches VOTE on ALL-CONFERENCE. The fact that you guys are bashing a kid for making All-Conference when he had nothing to do with is despicable and you should grow up. Other coaches voted him in not just the Grimsley coach.

  8. Derek Jeter lead the South Atlantic League in errors when he played for the Greensboro Hornets back in the early 90’s.

    Jeter was questioned and second-guessed by many who were watching him in his early days at shortstop and he has gone to have a pretty good career with the New York Yankees.

    Shumate is a very reliable leadoff man and he knows how to get on base and his defense will improve as he keeps on facing tougher competition.

    Shumate comes from a very strong baseball background he’s probably all of 14 or 15 years old and this kid will just keep on getting better. Let’s give the kid a chance. He has already attained the spot on the All-Conference team and let’s give him his due.

    Who else from Grimsley deserved the spot over Shumate and let’s see some of their numbers………

  9. we are not talking about jeter. we are talking about high school all- conference and what it takes to make it. nobody is bashing shumate personally. i am sure he is a great kid. it is just a strange and wierd fact that he led grimsley in errors (somewhere around 30) and played every inning of every game as a freshman. i can’t think of any other player in this area that has ever been left in the game for every inning after making that many errors. not to mention, those errors cost many games, most memorable ones being in the e. forsyth conference playoff game and the mallard creek playoff game. shumate cracked under high pressure situations, like most freshmen probably would. he hit pretty well for about two thirds of the season-not for power but still found holes. he will be good as a junior or senior, but for now he definitely did not deserve all- conference. obviously, simmons did not come forth with all the info to the other coaches when the all-conference decision was being made. i would be very surprised to hear that the other coaches knew about the 30 errors and still voted for him. i would think the criteria for all-conference includes defensive and offensive play. the real problem lies with the poor coaching grimsley had this season. would the northwest or ragsdale coaches leave a player in that position with 30 errors? would shumate’s dad (the head a&t coach) leave a player in the game in that crucial spot with 30 errors? i seriously doubt it! and you ask who else could have played that position besides shumate–well, we will never know. simmons never tried one other player at that spot. what coach does that? did he not want to win? there were other kids he could have tried at ss, but he was set on shumate from the beginning. he certainly moved all the other kids around. good kid, but not all-conference.

  10. Let’s see. He stays after practice, works hard and listens, easy to control and doesn’t cause problems. OH yea, and hit over .500. I would imagine Coach Simmons does like him. What coach wouldn’t?

    And Coach Simmons is not looking at a position at A&T. He’s a public school educator and that’s where he will be.

    The coach just nominates players for all-conference. The conference coaches vote on it.

    Some of you need to stop sitting behind a computer screen with same fake name and bashing a 14-15 year old kid.

  11. Kirk, you are the pot calling the kettle black. Take your own advice about questioning the talent of local kids. You praise those that you personally like and dog others that you do not even know. Your opinion pretty much means nothing one way or the other.

    Shumate was named all conference and for that he deserves to be congratulated.

    Congratulations Kory Shumate!

  12. first of all about Kirk, you may disagree with him and I certainly have at times, but he never bashes kids and his kid is as good a kid as you can find, so he has done many things right.

    Secondly anyone that has ever been to a conference meeting – defense is not a factor. The only way to make all conference is to hit well in the conference or be one of the top two pitchers in each conference. Coaches post hitting and pitching stats, never seen anyone post defense stats or seen other coaches care – if they are arguing about a player one might say this one is better defensive player. I once had a ss that had one error all season and he really didn’t get considered.

  13. Walter, I did mean for my comments to be a compliment and congratulations to Shumate. I’m happy for the kid. It’s a big accomplishment. BYW, I DO NOT know Shumate.

    Ex Coach is correct. I’ll be the first to admit my opinions are not something everyone agrees with. However I hope I have not offended. If you disagree either don’t read it or politely share your opinion. I’m always interested in learning from someone else’s thoughts. I may not agree but I read it and give it thought. I read lots of opinions here I don’t agree with here but i do try to see someone’s point.

  14. Is it true that defensive stats and play are not factors in nominations for awards such as all-conference? If this is true, I would say the criteria need to change. How do you ignore defensive play, especially for the SS position? If I were the coach, I would be hard-pressed to nominate a SS with 25-30 errors in 20-25 games. The exception might be if he hit a bunch of HRs and had a bunch of RBIs to overcome the unearned runs due to his errors.

  15. Congratulations to all the young men on that list. My son has played with many of them and is happy for them and offers congratulations.

  16. Okay. Who should have made it? Lets get some statistics to back this talk up for once. Post the names…

  17. I’m with you Joke. Who got left off?????

    Would the fans rather have it that Grimsley only got one player on All-Conference?

    It seems like the more men you get on the team, the more representation for the school.

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