Galaxy Round Robin Fund Raising Event


Greensboro Galaxy sponsored a Round Robin Fund Raising Event this past weekend that featured four great teams. Lady Phoenix, Merc Bulldogs (Burlington) and Summer Heat (West Virginia). Every team had a great group of athletic girls who could play. Every game pretty much went down to the wire where last second shots were made. In fact one young lady hit a shot from half court to send the game into overtime.

Lady Phoenix went 3 and 1 in the event and got stellar play from the likes of Asia McNeil who scored 22 points in the win against Merc Bulldogs in a close 78-76 win. Brittany Price ( Southeast) also contributed 13 points. In a game against a very discpline Summer Heat team from West Virginia Asia McNeil (Southeast) scored 15 points , Brittany Gwynn ( High Point Central) 16 points and Vontrese Hayes(Northern Guilford) 13 points help secure the win 83-76. Amanda Hairston (Dudley) 9 points did an outstanding job on the boards and made some nice power moves around the basket that should serve Dudley well if she is back with them this year. In game against Galaxy the Phoenix got off to a great start and had a commanding 14 point lead late in to the second half until Galaxy mounted a rally and took a one point lead. However under the direction of Coach Odom and Price who took over the responsibilities Lady Phoenix held on to win 73-67 and on Sunday they got their first loss in two overtimes to Summer Heat whom they had beaten earlier 81-74. The great thing about this game is that it was never over until it was over. Hannah McIntosh (NW Guilford) looked like she had sealed the deal when she hit a three pointer with three seconds left to give the Lady Phoenix a 67-64 lead and a thunderous applaud from the bench and crowd.

Unfortunately the game was still going when a Summer Heat player launched a shot from half court and nailed it as time expired to send the game into overtime. Summer Heat pulled away in the second over time to salvage a weekend that help them finish 2-2 and tied with Greensboro Galaxy. Merc Bulldogs went 1-3. This event was a nice event that had great talent on display and a good crowd.


  1. The Lady Phoenix Purple and Summers Heat was the best game of the weekend. 2 overtimes! Nailbiter til the end. And Vontreece Hayes attends Northern Guilford

  2. I thought the West Virginia team was very solid. They had very good mid-range shooting and their freethrow shooting seemed almost automatic. If I had to guess they probably shot over 90% as a team in the games I saw them play. The refs were pretty terrible though. A lot of out of position calls, a lot of no calls and just plain bad calls but atleast they were consistantly terrible both ways. The Pheonix vs. Summer Heat game was very exciting. Long, long, I mean long, made three to end regulation. Under 1 second left in the 1st overtime, the Pheonix set up a great in bound play under there own basket that left a wide open lay-up but it didn’t go in. 2nd overtime was back & forth early, the Summer Heat got a lead, the Pheonix had to foul and that was that with there great freethrow shooting. By the way, word on the street is that Vontreece Hayes & Brittney Gwynn & their families will be moving to Northwest Guilford school district for the next high school season. LOL

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