The Braves release Tommy Glavine: Is this any way to treat a part of your baseball history?

305 Career Wins and 5 Cy Young Awards and Tommy Glavine gets the boot………

We have a lot of fires burning here locally, but this probably hit me as hard as anything I saw this morning.

Tommy Glavine is gone. The Atlanta Braves brought Tom Glavine all the way back and he completed his rehab start for the Rome Georgia Braves last night and then they let Tommy go. Gave him his out-right release.

I remember Tommy Glavine from back in the days when it looked like the Atlanta Braves didn’t have anything. Maybe they didn’t for a while, but in 1995 they won the World Series and Tom Glavine was the MVP.

The Braves pitching staff back in the day was made up of Tommy Glavine, John Smoltz, Steve Avery, Zane Smith and Pete Smith was around for relief. And who could forget Greg Maddux and Mark Wohlers who came on later with the Bravos.

Is this any way to treat part of your baseball history????? Sure, Glavine sought out greener pastures with the New York Mets, but let the guy leave with some dignity after you go to the trouble to bring him back to the Braves!!!!!

This Frank Wren fellow is a crass act. John Schuerholz wouldn’t do business like this if he was still completely in charge of the Braves. You let Smoltz go to the Red Sox and then you kick Tommy Glavine to the curb and shove him up under the bus………

Is this any way to treat a part of your baseball history, those of you up there in the front office for the Atlanta Braves?????

This is a SAD day in sports!


  1. With all the stupid things the braves have done in the last 5 or so years its not hard to believe.

  2. I can think of a $1,000,000. reasons not to keep him.

    plus he’s washed up.

    this is a business. i remember when he left the braves for more money with the mets.

  3. I can see what you are saying about the Mets, but if the Braves were going to treat Glavine like this then they should have never brought him back in the first place.

    A man of his stature in Braves’ baseball history deserves better than this!

    Is there any real Braves’ history left now?(Other than Henry Aaron)

    Maybe Chipper Jones should go ahead and ask to be traded while the getting out is still good……

  4. I hate this for Glavine and his family. He was my all time favorite Braves pitcher and it was great year when they won it all back in 1995.

    Atlanta Braves fans should be livid. The team has not been the same since Turner sold and Leo Mazzone left.

  5. This seems wrong, but it is all about business.
    If he’s washed up though, they should’ve figured that out before they sent him through rehab.
    Then again, that shows the Braves have lost most of the clues they used to have.

  6. My guess is that when the Braves brought him back, they thought he might be able to help them some, but when he got injured, they found a better option in Tommy Hanson. Plus it going to save them over $1,000,000.

    He might have deserved better by the Braves but he cut out on them for more $$$. What goes around comes around. Maybe the Mets will take him back.

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