The kids are working hard down in the neighborhood

I ran into Major Bryant(Dudley HS) this morning and he said the SAT’s are coming up on Saturday morning over at Grimsley HS.

The Scholastic Apptitude Tests are big part of the moving up and moving-on process in high school sports. Bryant is one of the major name players for the Dudley Panthers’ football team and he said that he and his teammates are working very hard in the off-season.

Major said several guys were at the Shrine Bowl Camp last weekend at Eastern Alamance High School and some area players did not make the camp. Bryant and David Amerson were there from Dudley and Bryant tells us that the camps are very important to the players.

Bryant hopes to get a chance to work out some part of this upcoming season at the strong safety position and he feels that might end up being his ticket onto the college football field.

Bryant has played linebacker and he could play the line if necessary, but he is getting ready to start working out with Carmine Pagano over at Carolina Acceleration to improve his 40 time and his foot speed.

Bryant at 6’0 and about 208 pounds can go now at 4.72 in the 40, but he wants to get his time down to around 4.5. Carmine helped former Panther Kenny Okoro go from 4.8 down to around a 4.35 in the 40 yard dash and this was part of the big boost that allowed Okoro to end up at Wake Forest.

David Amerson, who is getting looks from many large DI schools, is also headed to Carolina Acceleration to see what Carmine can do to help him get better prepared for the 2009 high school season. Amerson has been one of the top names at the recent showcase-type camps and the local players will attending several more of those one-day camps in the weeks to follow as summer settles in.

Amerson would be a big catch for any area DI/ACC school and if Bryant eventually finds his way at the D-back spot and ends up at safety, he will be ready to rattle some heads as they say, when he lines up on the defensive side of the ball in the fall of 2010 for his school of choice.

Bryant at safety; this is where he can go to the ball and be a headhunter that stalks and seeks out all opposing ballcarriers and receivers and makes sure they pay for bringing the football toward his area of the field, which in turn becomes the entire field when he lines up as the strong safety.

This would almost seem like a dream job to become the assignment strong safety. Go to the ball and get in on every tackle. You would be playing similar to a linebacker, but you are sitting back in the secondary and you run to the ball like a heat-seeking missile. This has my name written all over it, but the job belongs to Major Bryant and David Amerson and they are better prepared to handle the mission.

We look forward to getting more news and reports on the local kids as they continue their workouts throughout the summer………

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  1. Looks like these kids are working hard in the class room as well per Guilford County Schools.

    Scholarships for GCS Graduates Rise for 2008-09
    $78.9 million in scholarships awarded to the class of 2009
    Contact: Laurie Hogan (336) 370-8307
    Created: 6/3/2009 2:42:27 PM

    The amount of academic and athletic scholarships awarded to this year’s class of graduating Guilford County Schools (GCS) seniors rose by nearly $2 million, jumping to $78.9 million from a little over $77 million last year.

    The reported scholarship earnings are based on data submitted by May 29 and are likely to go up as graduating seniors are expected to continue to receive scholarship offers through August. Approximately 4,673 seniors are expected to graduate at the end of this school year. The final figure will be available after June 15.

    Scholarship awards to graduating GCS seniors have risen by more than 50 percent in the last five years, soaring from approximately $50.3 million during the 2004-05 school year. Scholarship numbers have skyrocketed since the beginning of this decade. The district’s graduating seniors received $30.9 million in scholarships during the 2000-01 school year.

    Dudley High recorded the largest number of scholarship earnings with approximately $9.8 million in academic and athletic scholarships. Dudley was followed closely by Northwest High with $9.3 million in scholarships and Grimsley High with $8.79 million.

    The scholarship recipients include students who will be attending military academies, elite private colleges, public universities, community colleges and specialized schools like Gallaudet University.

    “I wish to congratulate all of the scholarship winners, their parents, teachers and counselors who worked so hard to make this happen,” said Superintendent Maurice “Mo” Green. “You’ve made your families proud. You’ve made your individual schools proud. You’ve made GCS proud.

    “I also want to congratulate all our graduating seniors for their hard work over the last four years, as well as the parents, teachers, counselors, school administrators and other school system employees who assisted these students as they traveled the road to success. This is a wonderful accomplishment.”

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