I like what this fan is bringing to the table!

Here’s the message:
Over on the News-Record Site there are 3 or 4 anti athletics people that post regularly any time there is an article about NG or anything else related to high school sports. Let’s get all that post on this site to post over there and rebutt some of their negative ideas. We argue and disagree with each other on this site(examples : Dudley fans vs NG fans)but we all have this in common. We love athletics in GCS. We may get jealous of each other but here is something that can bring all high school fans together. Let’s unite against the “get rid of high school athletics” posters on the other site. Three names I see often are igliigli, panacea and Norm. Check out News-Record.com and post positive comments about the value of high school athletics. Let’s overwhelm the pseudointellectuals that advocate GCS dropping athletics.

This is coming in from today’s Gripe or Complaint box here at Greensborosports.com and a very good idea if you ask me. Anything to save sports and to keep them coming to the table, even if it’s ping pong, pool/billiards or poker, but I prefer the outdoor events such as basketball, baseball, football, soccer, cross country, swimming, wrestling, track and field, lacrosse and you get the picture……


  1. Yep, those three user names you mention above are ridiculous on the N&R site. I picture them as complete nerds who don’t know how to appreciate a good smelly sweet in any form. There is probably no hope for them seeing the light. They do however, love to get all up in your face about the evil of sports in our schools.

    You gotta laugh at how ignorant they sound with each post!

  2. Those 3 names you mention are just ridiculous! And as I read, one of them dont have kids. I will definitely head over there and post positive comments. Thanks to whoever brought up such a great idea!

  3. I like the idea too. I would like to add to it. The people on here that make positive posts are: dp643,maryfrancis, and davew. Davew is actually a coach in one of the GC Schools and has been teaching and coaching in that same school for over 20 years.

  4. I like this as well. Another one that makes positive posts is jimmyjones. I will post in support of him, maryfrancis,dp643 and davew. We should also go back and read the posts of these 4 positive athletics people.

  5. How the hec did we vote these people on the school board….geeeeez it just gets worse…free choice is the answer..problem solved…when you over regulate it usually has disasterous implications for whatever you intend to do. People coming here from out of town and hear about our transfer rules…will say hec no we aren’t buying a home there…companies looking at Guilford will ask what is the sports programs like at the high schools…once they hear..they will go elsewhere …The most strict in the state if they are successful….what a nightmare…Washington was right we do have a bunch of nuts running things in this county. They have nothing on Northern and are trying to take attention away from there disasterous witch hunt….the truth will come out soon about their abuse of power….just my opinion…and what do i know….i know nuthin

  6. Y’all need to get over to the News-record site and post conflicting opinions to the athletics naysayers over there. This panacea person gets out of control. When a different opinion from(his/hers) is posted all he/she can do is throw out insults such as “head in the sand or your ADHD is acting up”.What a bozo. Let’s all go to the site and shut up that person’s nonsense.
    This other one called igliigli is also about canning college sports as well as high school. We need to shut the naysayers up with our stories about how athletics has helped kids that we know.

  7. As all of you know just like I do, sports keeps a lot of the kids out of trouble. What would these kids do if there were no sports from the hours of 4-6pm when there are no parents around or home to provide guidance? The ones that want to get rid of sports all together either a)were not very good at sports or b) have no children or no children involved in sports. Sports are the way some kids who struggle through high school actually get through high school. The bonds kids make at the high school level will be something most carry for a lifetime. That’s my 2 cent’s worth

  8. Andy….I must say, I’m surprised BigBlack420 hasn’t made his way over from the wrasslin at Justin TV to give his two cents.

  9. Drew go over to the news-record site and post what you said here.It makes sense. thanks.

  10. Voicemail has been posting on the News-Record site and doing a great job of attacking the high and mighty panacea. Keep it up voicemail.

  11. I will post that, just let me know which story to post it under because I do not know which one it would be belong with. If you post the link I will put it on there. Thanks

  12. Wait for another story about either Coach K or Coach Bloom. Maybe any athletics related story will cause that idiot to post something about suspending GCS sports or claiming sports defenders offer no solutions to the problem. I appreciate what you think.

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