Looking for fun, it’ll be on 98.1: Aunt Eloise taking it to the trees in Galax

She/he’s headed to the woods or the mountains if you will, as the biggest Clemson Tiger fan in the Triad takes the show on the road, headed toward Galax, Virginia……….

from www.journalnow.com:

Galax radio picks up Aunt Eloise

Aunt Eloise is coming back to radio.

Blue Ridge Country, radio station WBRF 98.1-FM, has hired Toby Young to reprise his Eloise character, who was on WTQR-FM for 23 years before being dropped in October 2008.

“We’ve always been fans,” said Derrick Davis, the regional sales manager for WBRF, “and when Aunt Eloise let us know she was available, we started the talks to get things rolling.”

Eloise will return to the airwaves starting June 15 and will be part of the 6 to 10 a.m. morning show, which can also be heard at www.blueridgecountry98.com.

The station is in Galax, Va., and broadcasts to more than 40 counties in North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee


  1. Bring back Sam Crenshaw, Ralph Shaw, Ed Snow, Billy Buck, Dale Mitchell, Buddy Michaels, John Hook, Buddy Poole or Boo Baron.

    And how about some Wilson Pickett on the weekends?

  2. SOOOOOO glad Aunt Eloise is back on radio.. I’ve listened to 104.1 WTQR VERY little since Aunt Eloise left.. Found myself frequently scanning stations since she left, but now my dial will be set on 98.1 for the Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning Show with Aunt Eloise & Cousin Andy

  3. Toby Young sounds like an idiot. Please take him off the air like they did in Winston Salem

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