Hey, can I borrow a quarter?

The price of the newspaper just went up from 50 to 75 cents and will this change your reading habits? I really enjoy the News and Record’s on-line service and I think that’s where I will hang out………

News and Record singles are now 75 cents and that sports section just got a little more valuable. I may be losing and then re-gaining my mind, but I think I can still remember the times when the newspaper sold for just a quarter.

Here’s the word from the N&R’s editor John Robinson on the current price change:

Single copy price increase

We increased our single copy price from 50 cents to 75 cents today, joining newspapers in Raleigh, Charlotte, Winston-Salem and Asheville, among others.

We held out longer than those papers because we didn’t want to do it, and we hoped that the challenging economy we’re in would improve. Oh well.

I will echo John Geddes of the New York Times explaining its increase to $2, $6 on Sundays: We take such steps carefully and only in service of the broader goal to maintain the quality of how we gather and present our journalism. Price increases are a tool used as a supplement after other devices — cost cutting, economizing, re-engineering — have been applied and a company needs to do more.

We believe what’s in the paper is well-worth the price. But if the increase is too much for you, get a home subscription. It’s much cheaper.

To read this for yourself at the N&R go to Click Here