Top Nine on June 9 for Baseball

Here’s our list as it has been coming in and we will another list from some of our staff reporters due up later today.

Congrats to all of the kids.

Top 9:
Wil Myers-High Point Wesleyan also known as Wesleyan Christian Academy….Wil also named Player of the Year

Nick McBride-Ragsdale

Brock Hudgens-Southwest Guilford

Stephen Mekita-Northwest Guilford

Macon Smith-Western Guilford

George Carter-Northern Guilford

Ray Crawford-Dudley

Josh Tobias-Southeast Guilford

Kyle Brandenburg-Ragsdale

Second Nine:
Alex Swim-Northwest Guilford

Cal Sutphin-Southwest Guilford

DeSean Anderson-Ragsdale

Joe Turkson-Western Guilford

Ben Fultz-Ragsdale

Tevin Neal-Dudley

Robbie McIntosh-Northwest Guilford

Casey Jones-Western Guilford

Will Kellam-Southwest Guilford

Third Nine:
Gabe Dimock-Grimsley

Justin Lassiter-High Point Central

Conner Scarborough-High Point Christian

Ethan Ogburn-Southwest Guilford

Tyler Ellis-High Point Central

Brandon Wyrick-Northeast Guilford

Brian Webb-Southeast Guilford

Trey Gilmore-Southeast Guilford

Bradley Burchette-Northern Guilford

Coach of the Year:
1)Sonny Gann-Northwest Guilford(Won Conference regular season, won Conference tournament, and went to Round Three of playoffs losing by one run 11-10 to Mount Tabor…….

2)Chris Causey-Western Guilford

3)Lynn Coble-Southeast Guilford

4)Ken Helms-High Point Central

5)Scott Davis-High Point Wesleyan


  1. Nin Marrero should be on one of these three list he batted a staggering .544 with 49 hits and 11 steals he is well deserving but the list that is up now is pretty acurate

  2. Pretty acurate teams but the coach of the year is wrong. That guy at Grimsley won ten games with basically a JV team. And Played Ragsdale and Graham 1 to one run games.

  3. Very little love for the private school kids. That is to be expected, but there are a few that are unquestionably in the top15-20 players in this area that aren’t on your list. That is to be expected though. What is the criteria for these teams. Not complaining, just more curious than anything.

  4. Our list came from the kids we saw during the season and from the input of our readers during article we ran back at the end of the season.

    We didn’t see everybody, but we do have a pretty good pulse for what is happening in the local baseball community.

    If players go unnoticed, many times it is because they have never contacted us to let us know about their talents.

    I can give you three honorable mention names right quick that can make many of the lists, but we didn’t have a load of numbers on these kids from the past season and we know they have talent.

    1)Logan Self-HPW
    2)Nin Marrero-WG
    3)Zach Reffey-Page

    Logan and Zach both play for the Proehlific Power so you know they are good players and I have now seen numbers on Nin that tells us the same thing about him.

    My beef would be with the coaches that have players who they feel like are quality talents and they don’t let us know. This site is the spot. If we don’t know, then nobody is going to know.

    We have another list coming out later today, so stay tuned…..

    gannon, I know I got a little long-winded, but thank-you for reading and thank-you for inquiring about the process. The people that read and respond to this site are the ones that make it click and clique.

  5. I’m guessing Father’s Day Weekend for the News and Record….That would put it at one week from Sunday.

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