Myers goes in the MLB Draft and makes HPW Trojan family and others proud

Wil Myers made liars out of those who said he wouldn’t go in the MLB Draft, although he didn’t warrant a first-round selection, he did get the call from the Kansas City Royals, who chose him in the third round, with the 91st overall pick of the draft.

Not trying to start any fires, but Myers put the pliers on the possibility that he can clamp down his spot on a professional baseball roster in the very near future if he so chooses. Myers still has his deal on the table with the South Carolina Gamecocks if he decides to go the college route.

I have not personally met Wil, but he has created a positive stir in our local baseball community and we want to wish the former High Point Wesleyan Trojan the best as he continues to take to his game to the next level, whether that ends up being in Kansas City, Missouri or in Columbia, South Carolina.(The KC Royals have a short-season team that plays down in Burlington, N.C. these days and that might be a nice starting point for Wil.)

It has been fun reading about the exploits of Wil Myers and his coach Scott Davis and here’s the inside from Tom Keller in today’s News and Record, the on-line edition.

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  1. If any teams held back because of Myers’ “lack of experience as a catcher”, as the N&R article says, then I would suggest they visualize Joe Mauer and Matt Weiters for a minute.

    This is the same kind of frame and athleticism as those two, except that Myers is faster than either of those guys was (or is today in all likelihood).

    If Myers lacks experience as a C, that just means he hasn’t developed any bad habits that they have to correct, which takes longer than starting fresh.

    Case in point, Diego Seastrunk at Rice, who was moved from 3b to C this season and has taken it up like a duck to water.

  2. One thing his HS coaches shared with me as well as 2 college coaches was that Will can play the corners as well as possibly play left. I was surprised his couting report rated his arm as just “above average”. I’ve seen him throw from behind the plate a lot. If his arm is “above average”, a guy with a good arm must be super human.

  3. Nick McBride of Ragsdale goes in the 5th round to Texas.

    Daniel Tuttle of Randleman goes in the 5th round to Cincy.

    Congratulations to Nick and Daniel.

  4. Looks like the High Point Enterprise answered all your questions. $$ is the reason Myers did not get picked in the first round. He obviously has the talent to warrent a first round selection. Kudos to Wil and his family for not selling out just so he could say he was a first round selection in the draft. To those who felt he would not go in the MLB draft, he proved your scouting skill to be a bit off compared to the those who get paid to do it for a living.

  5. I started doing hitting lessons with Will Myers when he was 10 years old. He was always a hard worker with unbelievable talent. A great athlete who everyone knew when he got bigger and stronger he would be something SPECIAL…and he is. Will has a great family, his Dad, Eric, and his Mom, Pam, never babied Will. They made hiom work hard a earn everything he has accomplished and will accomplish!! His little brother, BO BO BOLINSKY might follow the same path. GOOD LUCK WILL. If you ever need any advise at the next level, I’m always here for you!!

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