Our baseball list you might have missed

Here’s our list of the players who that will be able to play baseball in College and they have indicated that they want to play baseball in College. This list was compiled by our staff of reporters that followed the local county teams during the 2009 high school baseball season.

If you know of others that are headed off to College to play baseball and you feel like they should be on this list, then let us know, and now here is today’s list.

Nick McBride-Ragsdale
Ethan Ogburn-Southwest Guilford
Conner Scarborough-High Point Christian
Kevin Rose-Grimsley
Taylor Atkins-Northeast Guilford
Marshall Clarke-High Point Andrews

Underclassman Pitchers…..George Carter-Northern Guilford
Brock Hudgens-Southwest Guilford
Stephen Mekita-Northwest Guilford
David Coffey-Ragsdale

Alex Swim-Northwest Guilford
Macon Smith-Western Guilford

Logan Self-High Point Wesleyan
Robbie McIntosh-Northwest Guilford
Cal Sutphin-Southwest Guilford
Ben Fultz-Ragsdale
Ray Crawford-Dudley
Josh Tobias-Southeast Guilford

Wil Myers-High Point Wesleyan
DeSean Anderson-Ragsdale
Justin Lassiter-High Point Central
Kevin Sanders-High Point Christian

*****If you have more names of guys that are going off to college to play baseball let us know.*****