Wachovia Cup area Conference winners: NWG, WG, Ragsdale

from www.nchsaa.org

Metro 4-A: Northwest Guilford clinched the Wachovia Cup after a spring season in which it captured league titles in men’s track, softball, and a tie for first place in baseball. Page was second with an outright men’s tennis championship and a tie for second in women’s soccer. East Forsyth was right behind in third, with a first place tie in baseball and a women’s soccer championship. Conference Standings: Northwest Guilford 94, Page 74.5, East Forsyth 73.5, Grimsley 71.5, High Point Central 53, Ben L. Smith 27.5.

Triad 3-A: The Cup winner is Western Guilford, thanks to championships in baseball, women’s track, and women’s soccer. Northern Guilford was second while Rockingham County rounds out the top three. Conference Standings: Western Guilford 107.5, Northern Guilford 90, Rockingham County 79, Morehead 77.5, Western Alamance 76.5, Northeast Guilford 74, Dudley 61.5, Bartlett Yancey 60

Mid Piedmont 3-A: Ragsdale clinched the Cup following a spring season in which it captured championships in baseball, soccer, tennis, and men’s track. A women’s track title and second place finishes in golf, tennis, and women’s track allowed Southeast Guilford to end the year as the runner-up. Asheboro was third overall, thanks to a second place finish in baseball and third place finishes in men’s track and tennis, the latter being a tie. Conference Standings: Ragsdale 230.5, Southeast Guilford 211.5, Asheboro 197, Trinity 187.5, Southwestern Randolph 155.5, Eastern Randolph 152.5, Randleman 143.5.

Piedmont Triad 3-A: Reagan ended the spring as the Cup winner after capturing league crowns in women’s soccer, men’s track, and men’s golf. Championships in baseball and men’s tennis allowed Southwest Guilford to end the year in second. Parkland placed third on the strength of a women’s track title and a runner-up finish in men’s track. Conference Standings: Reagan 86.5, Southwest Guilford 76, Parkland 70, Glenn 68, High Point Andrews 44, Carver 19.5.

North State 2-A: West Stokes captured this year’s Cup after a superb spring that resulted in league titles in men’s tennis, softball, and women’s soccer, as well as second place finishes in golf, baseball, and women’s track. Reidsville is the conference runner-up, with second-place finishes in men’s tennis and women’s soccer. Conference Standings: West Stokes 176, Reidsville 154.5, Eastern Guilford 149, McMichael 148, Southern Guilford 128.5, Atkins 82.

Northwest 1-A: Bishop McGuinness managed to hold its lead in the conference following the winter season, clinching with league championships in golf and a tie for first place in both baseball and soccer. A tennis title and a runner-up finish in men’s track allowed Mount Airy to nail down the second place slot in the conference race. South Stokes rounds out the top three on the strength of a tie for first in soccer and third place finishes in golf and men’s track. Conference Standings: Bishop McGuinness 127.5, Mount Airy 109.5, South Stokes 97.5, West Wilkes 93.5, East Surry 91.5, East Wilkes 81.5, Elkin 67.5, North Stokes 67.5, Alleghany 56.


  1. Do kids that go to a school such as Bishop McGuinness, have an attendance zone like public schools?

  2. Get real re: Bishop McGuinness, they already get to much press considering their weak 1A competition-no offense

  3. Didn’t the NCHSAA force Bishop to move up and they will be at the 2-A level next season?

    Many coaches felt that Bishop was playing at an unfair advantage on the 1-A level since they are a private school playing public. As a private school they could still have access to students from everywhere. Private schools have no set attendance zones.

    When I was teaching/coaching on the private school level here in Greensboro back in the 1980’s we used to have kids driving in from Danville, Virginia, Caswell County, Burlington, Kernersville, Winston-Salem and all over every day and they all came to play ball.

  4. They are not being made to move up. All three catholic high schools play in the NCHSAA in their enrollment category. At least 2 of the 3, Charlotte Catholic and Cardinal Gibbons, are original members of the NCHSAA. There is a transfer rule for all of them that states that any student who transfers in from a NC public school after the first day of 9th grade has to sit out 365 days from the date of transfer. Therefore, they get almost no athletic transfers. Their students primarily come from their own catholic school system, unlike the majority of public schools where students can transfer in from any other county or in many cases live in another county or out of their district and go to another school without sitting out. I think they have to pay a small fee and the local school board has to approve it, but I have never heard of one not getting approved. That having been said though, it sounds like Guilford County Schools could have something similar being put down from their own school board which will put them at a HUGE disadvantage when it comes to competing against other public schools. Just my opinion.

  5. actually, I think it is Bishop McGuinness and Charlotte Catholic that were original NCHSAA members back a long time ago. Not sure about Cardinal Gibbons out of Raleigh.

  6. If my sports bank is open to the right page in my head, Charlotte Catholic is the only original member.

    Both Bishop and Cardinal Gibbons joined the NCHSAA at the same time and it has been within the past 5-6 that they got in.

    I still think Bishop is moving up. Remember how that coach of the girls team that Bishop beat in the finals was crying on TV in her post-game interview.

    I think Bishop will be moving up to 2-A…… Anybody know for sure?????

  7. Andy,
    Gibbons and McGuinness left the NCISAA 5years ago, but they were originally in the NCHSAA, left many years ago to join the NCISAA, and then went back to the NCHSAA with Gibbons about 5 years ago. They are moving into a split 1A/2A conference but they are still 1A.

  8. Kudos gentlemen. Outstanding information and very helpful.

    I am still remembering back to the 70’s when Bishop used to play basketball against area teams such as Northwest and Western Guilford and I thought they were in the private leagues then, but they may have been in one of the public school conferences.

    Solid discussion.

  9. No ATTENDANCE ZONE!!??!!!

    Lets look at some of the public school systems.

    If any kid in GSO wanted to drive to Elkin HS he could live in GSO and pay $750 and be eligible immediately at Elkin. He could drive out of district , pay, and be eligible.

    As a matter of fact Elkin is a city school system whose zone is the only Elkin city. But they have paid students from Wilkes,Surry, and Yadkin counties.

    Thomasville HS sits in a major metro area and has the same rule. Pay and you do not have to live in T’ville just go there and play for less than 1K. Why does no one question their dominance?

    How about the great Dustin Ackley. Played at South Stokes for 3 years then at north Forsyth. He did not move. He never lived in North’s district. He just paid and went to another district. Perfectly legal. But NOT HIS ATTENDANCE ZONE!

    The reason people complain about Bishop is they don’t have knowledge of whats up in the public schools.

    You can pay a fee and attend from outside the ATTENDANCE ZONE at Elkin,Mount Airy,Stokes County, Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools and dozens of other systems.

    So it’s Ok to pay to attend a public school outside of your ATTENDANCE ZONE…but not OK to pay 10 times more to attend Bishop outside of your ATTENDANCE ZONE?

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