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The talk around the water cooler at the Jamestown YMCA is that Jay Canty and CJ PLummer are leaving Ragsdale and they are heading to High Point.

This comes in the day after school lets out and since there are no binding contracts for these players, they can transfer if their parents want them to. Transfer is legal in Guilford County if you leave a public school and go to a private school.

The two Tiger basketball players are looking to attend Westchester Country Day and play for Coach Pat Kahny, who coaches the boy’s basketball team and he also serves as the Athletic Director at Westchester.

On Westchester Country Day:
Westchester Country Day is a member of the North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association (NCISAA) – Division 2A and participates in the Triad Athletic Conference with The Elon School, Caldwell Academy, Oak Ridge Military Academy, Carolina Friends School, Calvary Baptist Day School, American Hebrew Academy, Salem Academy and High Point Christian Academy. In 2004 Westchester was the recipient of the coveted Wachovia Cup Award, recognizing the premier athletic program in state 2A competition.

Deuce Bello who came through Ragsdale is already at Westchester and now Jay Canty and CJ Plummer are looking to join him there. They will be working on basketball and academics at Westchester and you can re-class at the private schools, but I don’t know all the details.

We have heard from fans and coaches that Canty and Plummer are leaving and Ragsdale Coach Craig Shoemaker is not speaking out on this matter currently. He is a solid/well-grounded coach and will not want to loose these two players and Coach Shoemaker is very smart, he will give this some time and maybe the players and their families will change their minds.

This is nothing new, but here we go again, only this time we are going from public to private………….


  1. Here we go again with coaches telling kids that they have a better chance at a college career if they go to particular school. These kids already have college talent. They are being scouted by college coaches. Coaches find talent, especially in a state with as much basketball talent and tradition as North Carolina. These private schools dip into the public schools and take there best talent, then pretend that they have done such a great job developing that talent. Then the next year there websites will feature all the kids that received scholarships. The business of high school basketball is ruining a great sport.

  2. Coach Shoemaker was so happy when they caught Northern Guilford…… he never relized what was going to happen at his own school. Wonder how he feels now. Word on the street is Tyquan Roberts, and DJ Alston may be out as well. HAHAHAHAHA FUNNY STUFFF

  3. The difference is Shoemaker is not having kids transfer in like some schools to the north. Not sure how you say it’s the same thing. He probably was happy (along with most coaches) they caught Northern. They cheated. Who wasn’t happy that justice was done?

    Remember a couple of things here. The kids can re-classify what grade they are if needed. Westchester costs approximately 12K a year. Hard to turn that down.

    If they get recruited away or just choose to transfer on their own it’s the parents call. But one thing Craig won’t do is go recruiting. He’s a good christian man. He’ll coach who shows up. There is a difference between an AAU coach and an educator.

  4. well, you reap what you sow. no one can blame this exodus on northern guilford. my guess is that the opportunity to get academic help help was too enticing for canty to turn down. i’ve heard that he wasn’t getting the guidance from the public system that
    would get him qualified for any sort of institution that would offer him a basketball opportunity. he is a great kid who really deserves this opportunity. i hope it works out for him and his family.
    ps. we’ll see exactly how good a coach shoemaker is, won’t we? i am sure that the westchester coach will get “thrown under the bus”, too.

  5. reggie,
    what does being a ” good christian man” have to do with recruiting or anything else. i am jewish and i wouldn’t recruit anyone. get off your “high horse” and quit the gcm crap! i can give you examples of “good christian men” who have proven not to be what they pretended to be. i consider a comment like that a “copout” to cover something else up.
    are you insinuating that jews and muslims are not equal to you people like shoemaker?
    i, for one, resent your comment.

  6. Good religious man, how’s that? Heck, he might be jewish. My point was strong faith, no matter what your choice. But I never realized being religious was a copout or that you were hiding something.

  7. jack i,

    you can shut it you racist pig…reggie never onced insinuated anything you undermining disgusting human being…he was merely stating that the man was a good man with christian values…do christians have problems?..well, you bet your ass they do, but you can shut this b.s. that i’m jewish crybaby horse crap…i for one resent you were ever born to come and post such horse crap…you can take your jewish ass back to whence it came from if this is what you are going to come in here to do…again, i didn’t see one thing where reggie was in the wrong…he was merely stating an opinion in regards to someone he knows and believes is a good person…we all have flaws, so you can get off your “high horse”…you are pathetic…

  8. I hope this is not true however if it is i wish the best for both boys. Jay is a good guy, very friendly with good manners. I hope things work out for him. i don’t know CJ well but a couple of teachers/coaches at Ragsdale say he is an outstanding young man. They could not be more enthusiastic in their praise for him. They will be missed at Ragsdale for the kind of boys they are.

  9. Rumor has it SEG has hired a non-faculty person as the new head baseball coach.

  10. to; uh
    you are nothing but a stupid redneck! you are what’s wrong with this state, you idiot!!!!!! what does being a good, christian man have to do with anything anyway? how do you know that reggie even knows shoemaker anyway—

  11. The SEG coach has not been announced to the parents or players as of the time of this comment submission.

  12. Jack

    All I can see is that you have a lot of hatred built up. I would guess that you have many problems in you personal life as well due to this hatred. I wish you the best and will pray for you.

  13. From what we are hearing it as Danny said. No SEG baseball announcement to the public so far. The news could be coming up on Friday from what we heard last night and it may be circulating by Thursday afternoon at the earliest.

  14. I recently have spoken to a few of these players mentioned above. All four of them are leaving going to private 2-A schools and reclassing. I completly understand why jay is making this move becasue he needs to raise his grae point average tremendously to attend an acc school or any other good school and a private school gives him the chance to do that. The new word on the street now is that apoint guard by the name of Beniah Wise has already transfered into ragsdale for next season after having a fall-out with coach Darren Corbett. Coach Corbett moved up jv players during the second half of the season and playing them above wise. Wise is legal in this district becasue one of his parents lives near ragsdale. Best of luck to all the boys transfereing and Beniah.

  15. To Unreal,
    while I’m sure you mean well, please don’t start rumors that are not true. Our family has nothing but the utmost respect for Coach Corbett and his program. We deeply appreciate the opportunity he afforded us and wish him and his program continued success. We left under good terms and will continue to follow the success of his program.
    Kind regards,

  16. David Beasley named head baseball coach at Southeast Guilford today. We received the E-mail message from SEG AD Scott Smith this afternoon.

    See article at the top of this page……

  17. I enjoyed getting to watch Jay play these past 2 seasons; esp. when he and his brother shared the court – but after talking to Jay yesterday he’s still got a few suprises left in his wingspan so I wouldn’t be certain westchester is in his future just yet. What is certain is that Ragsdale is not. I am very happy that I got to watch the high light reel from Jay multiple times this past season at Ragsdale and wish him nothing but the best where ever he decides to go. You’ll always have at least one fan with you Jay 🙂

    As for CJ, I have not had the opportunity to talk to him but would also like to say that it was a pleasure watching him play and that I also wish him luck where ever he ends up next season.

  18. Since that’s been addressed Jay is in Kansas looking at a public school in the area and trying to figure out if he likes the program.
    He said he’ll be coming home in august to see family and thats when he will make his decision. But i quote
    ” Even if I come home, I wont be going back to Ragsdale”. Hate to see the school loose such a tremendous talent..

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