North Carolina Coaches Association Softball All-District players

Our area, which includes Guilford County, is District 5 and some coaches failed to nominate players, but let’s congratulate the girls that did make the All-District team and those who received honorable mention…….

3A (17)
Rebecca Rothrock 2009 C Glenn
Kat Zimmer 2010 P Glenn
Anna Weavil 2009 CF Glenn
Kristen Terry 2012 LF Glenn
Megan Melae 2010 SS Glenn
Natalie Clemmons 2011 3B Northern Guilford
Heather Baker 2010 P Northern Guilford

Morgan Myers 2010 P/SS Parkland
Katey Beck 2009 P/SS Parkland
Nikki Edwards 2009 P/3B Southern Alamance
Simone Carden 2009 SS Southern Alamance
Sarah Warnock 2011 C/P/Utl. Southwest Guilford
Meredith Davenport 2010 OF Southwest Guilford
Jessica Becher 2010 P Southwest Guilford

Anna Maness 2009 P/1B Southwestern Randolph
Holly Berry 2009 C Southwestern Randolph
Starr Gilley 2009 P Williams

3A Player of the Year
Holly Berry, Southwestern Randolph

3A Pitcher of the Year
Anna Maness, Southwestern Randolph

3A Honorable Mention
Ashley Trogdon 2010 C Northern Guilford
ShaDawn Higgins 2011 2B Parkland
Victoria Cook 2009 C Parkland
Ally Davenport 2010 1B/OF Southwest Guilford

4A (16)
Carleigh Nester 2010 OF East Forsyth
Sierra Stafford 2009 3B East Forsyth
Ellen Rothfuss 2009 P East Forsyth
Selena Ashley 2011 P East Forsyth
Tisha Mahon 2009 OF North Davidson
Hannah Alexander 2010 P North Davidson
Tess Swing 2010 P North Davidson
Elisha Elliott 2009 SS North Davidson
Amelia Griffin 2010 OF North Davidson
Tara Aldridge 2011 OF/1B North Davidson
Robyn Stanek 2011 3B North Davidson
Katie Vick 2010 1B/DP North Davidson
Shondee Woosley 2010 2B North Davidson
Austyn French 2010 C West Forsyth
Jordan Fulton 2009 P West Forsyth
Julie Poindexter CF West Forsyth

4A Player of the Year
Tisha Mahon, North Davidson

4A Co-Pitchers of the Year
Hannah Alexander, North Davidson
Tess Swing, North Davidson

4A Honorable Mention
Jamie Livengood 2011 1B East Forsyth
Elizabeth Zrilanka 2012 SS Grimsley
Camey Hauser LF West Forsyth

Note: Nominations were submitted by 21 of the 57 schools in District 5.