Power-up with the Proehlific Power in Omaha, Nebraska

Proehlific Power 15
Air Academy Baseball from Colorado 2

(Game One in their Tournament)

WP:Brent Moore(Reidsville HS)
Matt Nettesheim(Grimsley/Greensboro College) 2 Hits…Grand Slam HR
Trey Such(Methodist) HR
Andrew Parker(WS Reagan) 3 Hits
Robbie McIntosh(NWG) 2 Hits
Kevin Parrish 2 Hits
Ethan Satterfield(McMichael) Double

Game two final:
Proehlific Power 7
Topeka, Kansas Stars 1

WP:David Francis
Robbie McIntosh 3 Hits
Andrew Parker 2 Hits
Matt Nettesheim 2 Hits and 7 RBI’s for the day…..

Proehlific Power (2-0) in the tournament and their next game is at 8am on Friday morning…….Will attend the UNC game in the CWS this evening.


  1. sounds like theyre off to a good start good pitching and good hitting hope they continue its hard to lose to a team like proehlific has good attitudes and good coaching

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