Palomino Baseball from Friday night at Stoner-White

At Stoner-White Stadium in Jaycee Park:
Elks 11
Diamondbacks 5

Elks 11-10-4
Diamondbacks 5-5-4

Elks 8
Villans 3

(I had to leave this one after 6 innings…..)

The Elks were coached by Ray Crawford Sr. and they had Kevin Rose at first base, Shaq Jacobs at second, Eric Kimber at short, Ray Crawford Jr. at third, Gabe Dimock behind the plate, Daniel Massey in the OF, Alex Moore in the OF and others………

Solid little team with Kevin Rose coming on to pitch in relief in game two….. Diamondbacks had Kenny Mann(P), Joe Bright, Adam Causey, Billy Humphries, Ferrell Carter, Joe Turkson and others and Felix Delgado from Page was on the Villans team. Long-time Palomino baseball coach Ron Sharpe was running the Diamondback squad.

Good local baseball action at Stoner-White Stadium and the guys will be playing again on Monday night at 6pm at War Memorial Stadium versus Chatham County.

Tom Veal was heading up the show and to keep everything in order, Big John Mann was behind the plate calling balls and strikes in game number one…………

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  1. Reno’s played a double headeer on Saturday 6/20/09 picking up two wins. In the first game Reno’s Mick Raynor picked up the win 3-1 against the Villians. In the second game against the Elk’s, Taylor Atkins got the start and Brandon Wyrick came in for relief in the first inning after four runs with bases loaded. Wyrick picked up the win as Reno’s fought back for an 11-5 final.

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