Johnny Fairplay brutalized in boxing bout with Lohan

This news from the Danville Register and Bee and on-line at Link to follow story at bottom of the article.

We’ve been told that Bruce Mitchell trained Danville, Virginia native Johnny (Fairplay) Dalton and now this sports report will put and end to all of those rumors and we now know for certain that the myth is no more. Let us just say that Reality has set in!

After reading and studying these results we now know it has to be TRUE! Bruce Mitchell did train Johnny Fairplay in life and in the GAMES of life, and Boxing in particlular. It must have been a cold day up there in Danville, Virginia when Johnny and Bruce first began those fierce training sessions.

As you can see, it has all paid off for little Johnny(check the weigh-in numbers) and he has Bruce Mitchell to thank for his successes or the lack thereof. All three of these men(Bruce, Johnny and Michael Lohan) are good sports and we use the term Sports very loosely around these fellows, but who knows; the ROCKY series went on forever and maybe Johnny Fairplay’s climb up the boxing ladder with his trainer, Bruce (Mickey) Mitchell, has only just begun.

Here’s the full blow-by-blow from and the Danville Register and Bee:

Reality television star and Danville native Jonny Fairplay was brutalized, finally walking into a stiff right uppercut by Michael Lohan roughly 20 seconds into the second round to stop their celebrity boxing match on Saturday night at the airport Ramada Hotel in Philadelphia.

Fairplay, best known for being a contestant on Survivor: Pearl Islands, was dizzied after being knocked to the canvas for the third time in 80 seconds in what was scheduled to be a three-round, 3-minute Celebrity Boxing Federation lightweight championship bout – prompting the referee to end the fight.

“The room is spinning,” Fairplay said he told the referee twice, each time after being asked if he was OK to continue.

“That’s not the answer I’m looking for,” the ref said.

“Then you need to ask different questions,” Fairplay replied.

And that was the end.

Fairplay, 35, measured 5-8 and 137 pounds at weigh-in Friday night, or an inch shorter and more than 30 pounds lighter than Lohan, the 49-year-old father of actor and singer Lindsay Lohan.

Michael Lohan, who improved his boxing record to 2-0 and claims he “could have easily gotten my black belt” in three martial arts, planted Fairplay twice in the first round, using a pair of left hooks to level the roundly despised reality TV celebrity just 20 seconds into the fight. Fairplay fell again 1 second later, tripping over his own feet.

Lohan shrugged as Fairplay struggled to get up and the first round ended without another punch being thrown.

“I was throwing a punch and he ducked right into it,“ Lohan said, speaking about the second-round uppercut that ended the fight during a telephone interview Monday morning with the Danville Register & Bee. “I wasn’t throwing any big punches or anything.“

Go HERE to check out this story for yourself and to view a picture from the fight/bout/match/event/debacle.


  1. Now people will be asking who’s Bruce Mitchell? You are now trying to play the part of Roy Mitchell, and there’s no need to be coy Roy.

    You are the man that trained Rocky Fairplay.

    We all know that Mickey Mitchell trained Rocky Fairplay!

  2. Bruce Mitchell was trained by three guys named Johnny!

    Johnny Hitchcock
    Johnny Weaver
    Johnny Valentine

    If Bruce were in the ring today, he would go by the name of Johnny Polo and form a tag-team with Johnny Cena……..

    Me, my mentor was Andy Kauffman.

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