The word on the street is

Ronnie Hayes will be named the new Athletic Director at Northern Guilford. Hayes was previously the AD at Chapel Hill High School and he replaces interim AD Sharon Parks, who wants to return to coaching and the original AD Derrell Force, who was forced to resign.

The other word on the street is that football coach Johnny Roscoe has a contract in hand. He has been working with the team all summer and will he return, or is this just more asphalt-like talk from the street?

We have heard the Ronnie Hayes as AD word from several reliable sources on the street and it looks like this will be confirmed as early as today.(Thursday June 25) We have had this news for a day or so, but have been busy confirming here at the site……..


  1. Is there any news on any other possible coaches for football, basketball, baseball etc.

  2. The only coach I had heard about was the former basketball coach at Central Cabarrus who had applied or was looking into the job all the way back in March. Someone mentioned earlier today that Sean Quinn of Southern Alamance should give it shot and apply…….

  3. Basketball decision has been made for weeks. Just waiting for the new AD to come in and make the decision. If JR makes the cut, I will be shocked!!! I hope he does, however.

  4. “The other word on the street is that football coach Johnny Roscoe has a contract in hand. He has been working with the team all summer and will he return, or is this just more asphalt-like talk from the street?”

    what are you saying Andy? “Contract in hand” – are you saying he has renegotiated? Or are you refering to the contract he has had all along? What is “asphalt-like talk”, is that a Tar Heel joke?


  5. When the question was asked bout the status of the football coach to the new principal, he stated the football coach would not be fired but however he did say they were looking for a new baseball and basketball coach.

  6. Strong street talk is he has his contract…..Has he signed it????

    Street talk and asphalt talk are all assumption, but there are some good sources talking.

    On the coach from Central Cabarrus. He was after the job back in March and I don’t think it is the same guy that is now at Concord……

  7. When will you folks start to trust me? Was I right or not on the football coach? Check today’s N&R and we had it yesterday. Contract talk is our speciality.

    Life is tough on the Street, but sometimes it’s still a good place to be.

    Is your home or not?

    We are here for you and now we’ll probably be WRONG on about 10 stories/events in a row. Just having some fun with our blog and appreciate everyone that reads here. Pass the word along to a friend or enemy. You never know!

  8. Johnny Smith was Northern’s baseball coach. Per the new principal they are searching for a new basketball and baseball coach. Smith is a non-falculty coach.

  9. I feel like Coach Johnny Smith will be considered for the baseball job for next year, but he will have to re-apply as a non-faculty member.

    He has his teaching degree and I would think teacher’s certificate, but he may have to get re-certified if he also is looking to get back into the classroom. He taught at Western Guilford back in the late 70’s and early 80’s and was also a coach at WG so he does have high school level experience.

    Coach Smith would be an asset to the NG Athletic program. The guy is a worker and he seems to be very well organized and I think he learned many of his organizational skills from working under and with Doug Henderson at WG.

    The new principal made it sound like Johnny Smith would be considered for the baseball job.

  10. Andy,
    You are right! Johnny Smith will be a good person to keep on the coaching staff. Do you think any of the basketball staff will try to stay with the program? There appeared to be some good coaches involved or at least that’s what it appeared from being an outsider. If they wre non-faculty, then I guess they are gone too. Is that correct?

  11. The entire basketball staff is gone and they won’t be back. They hope to land at Oak Ridge as a staff. I have spoken to a few of them in the past week and they hope to get something worked out soon, but it is still not a total lock. If the Oak Ridge job does become available they will be there as a staff. Maybe 80-20 pro right now to go there, but the 20 is laying heavy on the fence and the paint won’t dry yet, as Shooter would say.

  12. Andy,
    Did any of the basketball staff try to stay or apply to be reinstated? How many players will be left there? I don’t know where you are getting your info on Oak Ridge, but I doubt the complete staff is headed there. I heard that at least one varsity coach and the JV coaching staff were history. Word on my street is that the coaches were embarrassed by this whole
    situation and were doing all they could to distance themselves from it. Granted my info is 3rd hand, but one of the coaches has already inquired about being a volunteer at another school. Sad, sad, sad!!!!!!
    Were all of the basketball coaches non-faculty coaches or were some teachers?
    Where are Force and Yeager?

  13. The coaches I’ve heard from are all up-beat and they hope the Oak Ridge deal still goes through.

    Who knows, maybe Norman Dale will show up at the Academy first and then all bets would be off.

    As far as players go, we will have to look at that later……..

  14. Northern had at least one faculty assistant coach on the varisty team and I believe one on the 9th grade team. Both were new teachers to the school, so with cuts who knows if they will be back.
    I can’t believe that all the students would go to ORA, it is military after all and costly also. Not just everyone is interested in a military based school.
    There are alot of money issues at ORA, but perhaps Coach K is going to assist with those, who knows.

  15. so this is a little off topic, but has anyone heard anything about the search for a new basketball coach at high point christian?

  16. I think Roscoe’s teaching contract was only renewd at this time. Final decision on football coming next week. Get ready. Bigger than you think. Chances are he will continue to be coach minus several players.

  17. have heard from multiple people that the assistant from page will probably be the hpca coach. nothing official though

  18. I have heard another coach from Page has applied for an assistant football position as well?

  19. I think the ORMA stuff is a stretch. Yesterday, the school officially cancelled all summer programs including summer school which is usually how they generate income and students for the following school year. Also, that is supposedly how they were going to start paying back the back pay they owe to all of their employees which has to be done before the school can open in the fall. That is a bad sign. Heard the investor is stalling and it all may fall through and the school could shut the doors next week. Unless Coach K can give them several million dollars immediately, there is not much he can do. Also, I heard their school board is pretty reluctant to look hard at him until or if he is officially cleared by the county on the financial issues with Guilford County Schools. It is my understanding that Coach K has announced a couple of weeks ago that he was the coach, and the school stated that this was not true, so not exactly sure where the truth lies, but I think the Academy keeping the doors open is looking like a slim proposition. I guess we will see. I don’t know anything for sure. This is just what I am hearing second hand from a couple of people associated with the school.

  20. Why would the players or the coaches want to go to Oak Ridge? It would be like working next to a time bomb that could go off @ any time. This whole mess has dragged on way too long. Let the community heal, let everyone move on, and we can all get back to a “state of normalcy”. if there is such a thing here in Guilford County.
    I hope the person who initially calculated the savings from the layoffs was not a graduate from any of our county’s academies of higher learning. Only in Guilford county can you miss the saving by 60% and still have a job!!!! We are ruled by incompetents @ all levels in this community.
    PS. Why don’t we have a draft similar to the NBA’s and let the high schools draft the players from NGHS. ESPN could pay the school system millions and we could hire all the teachers back? Just a thought.

  21. I think that Page assistant basketball coach would be Brandon Clifford and if he is interested in the High Point Christian job let’s hope he lands it.

    On the ORMA front, they will need to get all of their ducks in a row and if that key investor falls through then it’s back to the drawing board.

    Oak Ridge has turned out some notable athletes in years past. Wes and Rick Ferrell went there.

  22. Andy,
    Do you mean back to the drawing board for the NG former coaches or for ORMA? There is no drawing board for ORMA. If this falls through, they are closing and in fact I think may be forclosed on this summer. I have heard this investor has been playing with them for a couple of months now and it is not looking great, but it is still possible and they should know one way or the other this coming week.

  23. Clifford is the guy from Page that has applied Andy. Have heard that he has already been working out the kids, which is why people think he is going to be the guy. Wonder how he would do at hpca.

  24. Lipke figures in to the plans at ORMA. He is also in the Gator organization in some small way. I heard his kids play there. This much I know, he’ll look after himself.

  25. BTW, don’t mean the above comment in a bad way. Just that Lipke will try to be involved.

  26. Question,

    What do folks know about the new AD at Northern Guilford?

    And, yes, one of the Varsity basketball assistants at Northern is an AP History teacher.

  27. Just as a side note, in my opinion, if canty and crew do end up at westchester next year, they might as well go ahead and get fitted for rings because they will easily be the best 2a team in the ncisaa

  28. The word on the street now is that Jay Canty will be headed to a prep school out in Kansas…..

    They are saying now, no Westchester, but on to a prep school in Kansas…..

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