The end of the Carr-Garcia Era in the WWE’s resident Lillian Garcia fan Cecil Carr will see his ultimate bride-to-be leave the WWE at the end of this year. Lillian is moving on with her life beyond World Wrestling Entertainment and now new talent will be coming in to take her spot.

Can she be replaced? We will await Mr. Carr’s comments on that subject and until then, here’s the word from on Garcia’s departure:

WWE Raw ring announcer Lillian Garcia announced that she is leaving WWE at the end of the year. “I am writing to address the situation in which WWE is looking for a Female Ring Announcer/Singer,” Garcia wrote on her website. “The truth of the matter is that they are looking for someone new because I have given them my notice that I will be leaving at the end of my contract this year.

“It is with a heavy heart that I have made this decision because WWE has been my family from day one and you, the WWE Universe have always been incredible to me. The fact is that I am getting married later this year and have decided to enter into a new phase of my life but I will truly miss all of you and the WWE tremendously.”

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