N.C. State’s Irving recovering and if he misses all or parts of season Pack will survive

from www.rivals.com and Yahoo Sports:

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP)—North Carolina State linebacker Nate Irving is recovering from surgery after being hurt in a car crash.

A WakeMed Trauma Center spokeswoman said Irving was in good condition Monday after surgery Sunday night. Irving was hospitalized with a broken leg and a collapsed lung after running his vehicle off the road at 4:40 a.m. Sunday on Interstate 40 in Johnston County.

State troopers think Irving might have fallen asleep at the wheel before crashing into two trees. Irving has been charged with careless and reckless driving.

It’s unknown if Irving will be able to play this season. The junior was an honorable mention all-Atlantic Coast Conference player last year despite missing one-third of the season because of injuries.

from Greensborosports.com:
N.C. State and Coach Tom O’Brien will have to take what they can get out of Nate Irving this season. If he misses time the Pack will survive and the focal point for the Pack right now has to be the opener with the South Carolina Gamecocks who seem to have NO support whatsoever in this area. The people I talk to hate the Gamecocks and say they are cocky and they run their mouths too much and that they can’t back it up.

One gentleman I spoke with said he can take the Tar Heel talkers more than he can the Gamecocks and all the crowing that they have been doing in the off-season.

The State debate without Nate will continue, but I for one think the Pack is back and the BIG determiner no what happens between now and then is Russell Wilson. If Wilson is on, then Pack is on and he has a thing or two to show South Carolina after last year’s game down in Columbia.

Last year’s game has not been lost by any of the fans in Raleigh or from around the State of North Carolina, or make that N.C. State……..

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  1. Tom OBrian is in his 3rd year at NC State. He has improved the depth greatly so the Pack will still do well. It could be possible for Nate to play the last 5 games and a bowl game. You tarholes better rest assured he will be out there on 11/28.

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