Guilford College is Soccer City

I was making the excercise rounds up at Guilford College last night after the Greensboro Grasshoppers’ win over the Lake County Captains and couldn’t help but notice girls everywhere and they were playing soccer.

There was one group of Eastern Music Festival revelers playing Ultimate Frisbee in the park that used be the main tennis courts on the Quaker campus, but for the most part, it was Girls, Girls, Girls and they were playing Soccer.

You could almost hear David Lee Roth singing it on the 90.9FM radio station in the background, but David Beckham would have been more at home in this setting, with soccer balls flying around, all over the Guilford College Quaker landscape.

Up on the practice fields, at New Garden Road, there was Soccer going on. There was also Soccer being played by young women in their bare feet on the new Guilford College turf field, that has replaced the old Guilford College natural grass football field. The old track that used to surround the football field is also history, but with this new turf football field, Guilford is creating their own new piece of history.

The young women were playing half-field soccer in their bare feet with goals set up on the fifty-yard line and on the south end zone goal line. This will be a multi-purpose facility for Guilford and there are more lines on this field than you will find in that Hotel California song by the Eagles that talked about, “there were lines on the mirror, lines on her face, she pretended not to notice she was caught up in the race, Life in the Fastlane”.

Lines all over that new turf football field at Guilford College and you really ought to see it. The young girls were having a good time playing soccer safely in their bare feet on that field. Young women seemed to create a problem for Steve McNair, but these young ladies were well-behaved, causing no problems and having a great time in what appeared to be a full-fledged Soccer Camp at Guilford College.

They also had the apparel wagon up at Guilford and it is there every year when they have the camps and they are sellling “T” shirts, sweatshirts, caps, hats, balls, shoes, and just about every other item associated with soccer.

Looked like a great Soccer Camp for girls going on this week at Guilford College and sorry about that Steve McNair comment, just couldn’t resist after reading more about the former Tennessee Titan.

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  1. That soccer camp you saw is Anson Dorrance’s soccer camp. He has a camp that he and Guilford Women’s Soccer Coach Eric Lewis runs here. You get a good amount of girls to come out here each summer…it’s a big draw.

    Remember, men’s and women’s soccer will be at Armfield from now on. They’ll play at night AND men’s soccer will get the honors on the afternoon of Homecoming this year. Football’s move to night may give men’s soccer a HUGE turnout for a key game against Bridgewater.

    Soccer could very well be a big deal around here in a couple of years if the right things happen.

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