Shaq makes the “Big Time”: in N&R and on ESPN

Good piece on Shaq Jacobs in Sunday’s News and Record. I had heard a while back from the Greensboro Batting Center web site(Home of Champions) that ESPN had come into town to do the feature on Shaq and he is deserving of this honor.

I have met Shaq and his dad and they are good people. They used to toot their horn my way when they saw me thumbing down Battleground Avenue. Just kidding there, I would see them on Saturdays as I made the trek down to the Cookout for the Battleground BP pickup.

Good positive people and a nice positive piece by Tom Keller on Shaquille Jacobs in Sunday’s N&R and to read it all Click Here:


  1. Congratulations to the young man. What he has overcome is tremendous. Good luck to him in school and on the diamond.

  2. Hey Shaq, Shawn, Marisa,Andy & Shawn M. We just want tosay how proud of you that we are for staying strong and positive, and to wish you well we all miss you, and good luck in College

  3. I have known Shaq since he was 10 years old and he is a good kid with talent in the game of baseball. I enjoy coaching him now and have allways said that he might be one of the better hitters in this town. Good luck to him and his family.

  4. Just saw the ESPN spot over lunch. What a great, great story. Congratulations to this young man. What a fighter. May have been the best “Make a Wish” story I have seen on ESPN.

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