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Word on the Street footnote:
Jonathan Frye(NG) broke his hand at basketball showcase in Charlotte on Monday, will be out of action 4-6 weeks. Around 50 college scouts in attendance at this event and this was a big blow for Jonathan and we wish him a quick recovery and hate that he could not get his time in, in front of those college scouts. Good kid and he’ll still get his shot down the road.

The Word on the Street is that there are a bunch of 7 on 7’s coming up for local high school footballers in the next few days.

We’re hearing there’s a big one tonight with Dudley, Ragsdale and Eastern Guilford at Ragsdale in Jamestown.

Northern Guilford was down in Dorman, South Carolina for a two-day stint of 7 on 7 action back on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Dorman took charge on Monday, but Northern played it tight to the vest in Tuesday’s matchup.

Word has it that there will be a BIG 7 on 7 County Fair-type event at Wake Forest on Saturday and by county fair or carnival format we mean there will be a ton of teams going at it at various stages throughout the day.

You get on the rides so to speak, get off and go to another station or 7 on 7 setup. So, you end up facing a number of different teams. Word-up says that Dudley and Northern Guilford are among the local teams due to be at Wake Forest for the 7 on 7’s Saturday.

Not sure if the Wake event is on-campus or at BB&T Field, we will keep our ear to the ground or street.

The street or streets, we have heard this speculation from more than one avenue, and the word-up says that several Northern Guilford football players could still be ruled ineligible for the upcoming 2009 season. This may amount to a few JV players from last season or it may get more detailed, we will have to wait and see. The County has told all of us that they are continuing their investigations and letters may be going out soon telling students that they may have to play elsewhere this year if they want to participate and that might mean having to go outside Guilford County.

This may all lead to more legal issues and the entire ordeal may end up, tied-up in court for the duration of the school-year, or at least part of it, depending on if everything ends up going in that direction.

Things could get very busy in this area later this week or early next week so stay tuned. I’m sure that Mr. Robert Bell of the News and Record will be following this situation closely and we will too, as it starts to break or unfold. Mr. Bell has been in the middle of all the Guilford County Chaos since it began and he has done a very good job of bringing us details as it relates to goings-on with the Guilford County Athletics Investigations.

We have been keeping it on the Street here at the site and we have been busy too, trying to stay on top of it all and working to stay caught up on the current events as they pertain to sports on the high school level in Guilford County.

We also hear and this is nothing really new, that the Oak Ridge Military Academy coaching campaign continues and we may still see former Northern Guilford coaches at Oak Ridge this fall if all the details can be worked out.

Oak Ridge(ORMA) may end up wanting to do this thing in a big way if they can get all their financial setbacks resolved.

That’s the Word from the Street and if you can help with info us let us know.

*****It is our policy to NOT name names in matters such as this and we appreciate your cooperation in the handling of these conditions.*****


  1. Ragsdale has a 7 on 7 tonight at home at 6 and tomorrow night they go on the road to Lee County and Burton Cates, formerly of ER. Plenty of work for the JV QB’s for Ragsdale as both varsity QB’s are out of town.

  2. Will Matt Heavner’s younger brother move up from last year’s JV’s and take the Varsity QB job this year?

  3. Heard on the street that Brandon Clifford will be named the Head Coach at High Point Christian School.

  4. 1) Both Ragsdale’s QB’s were in attendance. They were missing their starting RB (D Smith), WR (L. Sonricker), and WR (D. Anderson)
    2) Dudley look very athletic but could not catch a pass. They will not do well offensively during 7 on 7 drills
    3)Matt’s younger bother, Luke, should step in as starter this year but is being pushed by soph. QB (Herndon) who has good size for the position but doesn’t have the speed of Heavner.

  5. Andy, most likely. Much improved. Different from Matt. Very fast.

    Smith, Dudley, and Eastern Guilford were at Ragsdale last night. Dudley and Ragsdale scrimmaged. Both teams completed 2 deep balls. Both teams looked good. Dudley has not lost a step. They looked good. Heavner did play last night.

  6. Anderson is probably the back-up and he was not there. Just depends on how Herndon progresses.

    Dudley is still very athletic. Obviously they’ll miss Ricky Lewis but they still have plenty of playmakers. They’re short pasing game will improve. Everyone has something to work on this time of year. Ragsdale doesn’t appear to have a ton of depth in the defensive backfield but they do have some promisoing JV’s, one freshman inparticular.

  7. I thought Eastern Guilford looked pretty good and Smith looked to be improved also. When you look at some of the players Smith has you wonder why they don’t win more. Maybe it will be better for them this year.

    Northern is always interesting. I’ll say this, they need to wrap that process up. The kids need to know where they stand. It’s drawn out long enough.

  8. StreetSweeper, where did you hear that about Clifford going to HP Christian?


    Page Fan (hm)

  9. I hope Brandon did land the job. He could coach any high school in GC if given the chance. He is a good guy and a knowledgebale coach. Good Luck Brandon

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