Any word on the 7 on 7’s?

Any word on how those high school football 7 on 7’s are going? If you were there, have news, or have heard the word on the street, then give us the word in our comment box…..

We need to start looking ahead and seeing who the QB’s will be at the area schools for the upcoming season. I suppose I will be getting calls soon from the major DI schools about how everything is looking up here or down here depending on where the calls come in from.

I usually start making contact with the NFL teams in late August and the next thing you know my phone is blowing up and it just starts ringing off the hook and shaking like a leaf on a tree.

Who will all the QB’s be?

Here is an early partial look…..

Layshawn Brown at Grimsley
Bruce McCoy at Page
Demetrius Dick at Dudley
Drew Adams at High Point Central
Kenyatta Robinson or Austin Bain at Southeast Guilford
Matt Heavner’s younger brother at Ragsdale
Derek Holbrook at Eastern Guilford
Rocky Scarfone at Northern Guilford
Darius White at Northeast Guilford

And do you know of others????? Maybe Andy Durham as #19 for the Washington Redskins????? I’m still waiting on that call from JZ(Jim Zorn).

Send us some info on who these quarterbacks will be and any other pre-season news you might have………


  1. Northern Guilford VS Dudley at Wake forest should be a good one
    who you picking, i know its just 7 on 7 tohugh

  2. Mark my word and the word from others on the street, the one-on-one matchup of Keenan Allen(NG) vs. David Amerson(Dudley) will have Street and Smith’s Magazine talking about this 7 on 7.

    Possibly the two top un-committed players in the state and in the eastern part of United States will be on display if the talkers are right about this BIG one at Wake.

    Don’t throw the rest of deal out the window though, because Christian McCain, Maurice Harris, Major Bryant and others will draw a crowd too, but the dream one-on-one with Allen and Amerson is a *****(Five-Star) matchup.

    Who will get the best of who? Since this all about coverage and receiving, Northern has more receiving threats if all the guys we mentioned show up and Scarfone has more actual game experience than Dick, so what about an NG lean and we know the Dudley “D” is among the best in the state, but how much does the pass rush factor into this thing and would that be a determiner?

    I don’t remember alot of pass rush in the previous 7 0n 7’s that I attended so you see this as fly routes, and go on the QB’s movement and then it’s who can stay with who????

    What’s everybody else saying and do have more QB talk on the street and around the table? Maybe we need to take this conversation down to a local barbershop near my current portal here on Phillips Avenue.

  3. The Ragsdale QB you are referring to is Luke Heavner. Brian Herndon is another QB and is also very talented. His Dad was a coach and a QB himself at ECU. Both boys are doing well.

    I don’t think Amerson played much, if at all, in the 7 on 7 with Ragsdale. I don’t know why but was told he was nursing something. I have no idea if that is true or not. Came from a Dudley player.

  4. Davis Inman will start for Southwest Guilford, with Airyn Willis also seeing action at QB.

  5. Thanks for the Word-up on James Summers, Luke Heavner, Brian Herndon, Davis Inman and Airyn Willis.

    Who is the NWG QB that went to WG?

    Dudley’s choice at QB beyond Demetrius Dick?

    Didn’t Herndon’s dad play at Grimsley and was it Brad Herndon or was he at Smith?

  6. NWG qb was Mclean godley to western
    and NG players Austin and Alex Paulee i think it is?? went to NWG

  7. Garrison Herndon, a rising sophomore, is a QB at Ragsdale. Colson Herndon, his brother, is a rising freshman at RHS, also QB. Their dad is Brian Herndon. Brian played QB at Grimsley and ECU.

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