Brandon Clifford new coach at HPC

Brandon Clifford has been named the new boy’s basketball coach at High Point Christian Academy. Brandon has previoulsy served as the assistant to varsity coach Robert Kent at Page and as the boy’s head 9th grade team basketball coach at Page High School.

Brandon Clifford replaces Chad Wilkerson at High Point Christian. Wilkerson was released for having inappropriate contact with a student on the internet.(Verified in today’s High Point Enterprise)

Clifford has strong ties to the Page Pirates and to this area. Brandon played for Coach Kent at Page back in the late 1990’s and went on to play in the East-West All-Star game at the Greensboro Coliseum.

Clifford earned a basketball scholarship to UNC-Wilmington and then later transferred to Guilford College and was set to play for the Quakers and that didn’t work out so Brandon went on traveling out to to the Kentucky area and ended up graduating at a small Kentucky college back in 2007. While in Kentucky Brandon had an offer to play for Rick Pittino at Louisville and did some graduate assistant coaching while in Louisville.

This is a good shot for Brandon and we hope he does well with the High Point Christian Cougars.

*****While at Page Brandon Clifford worked primarily with the big men on the varsity team including Julius Brooks, who recently received a basketball scholarship to Loyola of Maryland.*****

For more be sure to check out today’s High Point Enterprise. I got the tip on the HPE story from one of my sources in High Point and put this blog together pretty mcuh from my own memory so if we need to make any corrections or changes, Brandon or other connnected parties please let me know.


  1. Brandon will be the next great bball coach in this area – he coaches with fire and passion cause he loves the game – glad he is at a private school versus GCS – hopefully they will support him and they will have a winner. Congrats Brandon and good luck.

  2. Congrats Brandon give me a call sometime if you still have my number and always remember when in doubt Box and One

  3. Congrats Brandon! You will do a great job because you are truly a man of God!

    Andy come on man show me some love…I dropped this little nugget to you a couple of days ago in Word
    on the Street:)


  4. Good job StreetSweeper, but I can’t give you all the credit. I was the one who told Brandon Clifford about the job opening up at High Point Christian and I gave him the word from the street 2 months ago.

    Maybe he should call me and give me the Word-up or the Thumbs-up!

    Take it to the Streets!

  5. Hope Brandon forgets everything Coach Kent taught him or he will never win at HPC. Kent is the laziest coach in Guilford County. He spends more time complaining about coaches who work hard instead of working hard himself. Don’t look for excuses Brandon like your mentor or you will never make it!

  6. you know nothing of how hard Kent works. he complained in response to an email he received. he didn’t go public. he still had a pretty good season and didn’t go 0-33 like the coach he was complaining about. dont blame those that were fed up, blame those that broke the rules. the ones that complained are still employed and have a team to coach next season and have won more games than you have even seen in your lifetime.

    brandon will do fine at hpca, because he is a very good coach and has learned from very good coaches, including coach kent.

  7. Congratulations to Coach Clifford. He will do very well at HPC because he is a good coach and will work hard at teaching his kids the fundamentals of basketball.

    p.s. he coached the freshman team at Page last year.

  8. why hoping do u have to insult when that was totally not needed , how about you just go away because you know nothing about coaching or basketball

  9. hahah, he coached the freshman team b/c their coach bailed. he has been with the varsity for years.

  10. Brandon Clifford was with the 9th grade at Page. Does anyone know if he was the with the JV’s too or was it just 9th grade and assistant Varisty coach?

  11. he said early in the year that he was doing 9th grade, because their previous coach left and it would allow him to still do varsity. it also helped the program that the 9th graders were being coached by a varsity coach. i think he only did it this year.

  12. i am assuming some of the cheap shots are insuating that he isnt qualified. if you ask those that know his abilities, you wil get a much different impression

  13. He did coach the 9th grade because the other coach was not able to coach for reasons not made clear at the time. He was able to do this because the 9th grade and varsity play at the same location.

    The results of his efforts will be made clear in a couple of years.

  14. That’s why I would see Brandon at all the Page boy’s games. He would coach the 9th grade team and then turn around and help Coach Kent with the Varsity.

    Very close 9th grade games with Grimsley. I think the one at Page went into OT and Grimsley had the dynamic duo of Brian Doss and Charlie Jones, although Charlie didn’t play in the game at Page. I think Jones had moved up to the Whirle JV’s by then.

  15. Northeast Guilford played in the Championship Basketball game at High Point University Team Camp during the weekend of 26 June – 28 June 2009. They played against High Point Central in
    game that could have easily been won by either team. High Point Central Won the game.
    Northeast was the runner up with 8 wins 2 losses

    Northeast Guilford Lineup:

    Donovan Griffith
    Tevin Hamiltion
    Parris Scales
    Skip McClesses
    Abdul Tijani
    Bryce Benjamin
    Trevone Williams
    Jalen Hairston
    Cameron Smith
    Antwan Wilkerson — (x) see notes

  16. Northeast Guilford Basketball team attended the T.W Andrews Team camp July 10 – July 12, 2009
    It was an excellent Team Tournament. Greensboro Page, Southwest Guilford , Northwest Guilford and or course the Red Raiders attended in full force.

    Northeast Guilford finished the tournament 7 -0 to win championship

    Northeast Lineup included:

    Bryce Benjamin
    Tevin Hamiltion
    Trevon Willaims
    Devon Farley
    Jalen Hairston
    Donovan Griffith
    Abdul Tijani
    Cameron Smith
    C.L. Mitchell

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