Like Gilly from Saturday Night Live, Lesnar says, “Sorry” after UFC 100 incident

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Ex-wrestler apologizes for antics at UFC event

LAS VEGAS– Although Brock Lesnar left behind pro wrestling three years ago to become the UFC’s heavyweight champion, he still hasn’t got all the showtime out of his system.

Lesnar stopped Frank Mir with a merciless flurry of punches Saturday night, defending his title in the final bout of UFC 100 on a landmark weekend recognizing the best in his proliferating sport.

Lesnar then taunted his fallen opponent, made a two-handed obscene gesture at the booing crowd and insulted a UFC sponsor, putting an altogether unflattering end on what the league planned as a sparkling celebration of mixed martial arts.

The former WWE star just couldn’t resist being a heel, even though he apologized profusely afterward.

“I acted very unprofessionally after the fight,” Lesnar said of his second-round victory. “There was a lot of emotion in this bout, (but) I love this company, and I love to fight. I went into the entertainment business for a little while, and I guess there’s still a little bit of it in me.”

There were no such theatrics from Georges St. Pierre, who defended his welterweight title with exponentially more class in an unanimous decision over Thiago Alves in front of the sellout crowd at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. Dan Henderson also knocked out Michael Bisping with a single punch in a middleweight upset as the UFC rolled its odometer into triple digits.

But Lesnar (4-1) stole the show with what happened after his relentless series of right hands into the face of Mir, who handed Lesnar his only loss nearly 18 months ago.

“I was absolutely blown away,” said UFC president Dana White, who has labored to put a professional face on his sport. “In the history of the UFC, we’ve never had somebody do anything like that. … That’s not who he is. I’ve spent time with this guy. He gets in there, and the adrenaline starts kicking. The mouth is moving, but the brain isn’t sending stuff to the mouth.

“He’s a smart guy. He gets it, but I believe that what he said tonight, he’s been in the WWE for so long, he thinks he has to jump in there and be the heel or whatever.”

Lesnar, who turns 32 on Sunday, again moved upward in the eclectic trajectory of a former college wrestler who performed in the WWE and briefly suited up for the Minnesota Vikings before embarking on an MMA career just over three years ago.

Mir (12-4) beat Lesnar with a knee bar at UFC 81, forcing Lesnar to tap out 90 seconds into his second UFC fight. Lesnar, whose name recognition and menacing approach earned him lightning-quick shots at the sport’s biggest prizes, recovered by beating Heath Herring and then stopping Randy Couture last November to claim the heavyweight belt.

Lesnar used his 265 pounds to take position on top of Mir early, and Lesnar stayed on top throughout a dull first round, throwing punches that mostly did little. Mir made a bit of headway in the second, but was trapped against the octagon by Lesnar, who kept throwing right hands until Mir’s defense wilted.

Lesnar then pointed and taunted when Mir stood up, his face still caked in blood. After acknowledging the fans’ boos with two middle fingers, Lesnar took the microphone and looked pointedly at the Bud Light logo on the cage floor while announcing he would be drinking Coors Light to celebrate, “because Bud Light won’t pay me.”

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