The Palomino Post and thoughts on the Major Leage All Star Game

The Elks over the Diamondbacks last night at Stoner-White 5-0. Ray Crawford blasts another HR for the Elks. Trevor Brackett and Kevin Rose combine for the 2-hit shutout. Brackett gets the win.
Ray Crawford 3-3 Two doubles and Home Run
Jabril Shabazz 2-3
Winning Pitcher Trevor Brackett 1 hitter

I was thinking about Ray Ray Crawford when Carl Crawford(Tampa Bay Rays) went up and made that catch in left field for the American League and Carl went on to win the MVP award.

Will the National League ever win another All-Star game????? We were asking that same question about the American League back in the 70’s and early 80’s…… The All Star game on FOX did move fast and it was a close game with the 4-3 final, AL.

North Chatham over Reno’s Tuesday night at Randleman High School 10-7. Last game for the Reno’s is Thursday night at Stoner-White at 6:00. This will be a big one as Reno’s really needs to get the win.

It’s been a good year for all the teams involved, North Chatham, Reno’s, the Elks, the Diamondbacks, and the Villains…….

How did they come up with that Reno’s? Does anybody know?????

In the All Star game, Crawford had the BIG catch and I was impressed with Michael Young at third for the AL and the kid from Baltimore in right field and for the NL, I thought Molina was very solid behind the plate. I would have thought that McCann would have gotten in the game longer and Brian does look a bit different with those new glasses, the beard and the haircut…..


  1. Reno’s is a pizza place in the eastern part of the county (Gibsonville maybe), and the sponsor for the Reno’s. Who do they play Thur. night?

    More on the Elks win last night. Eric Kimber had a fine defensive game at SS. The Elks are hoping for some post-season action.

  2. Renos plays the elks thursday for the birth to the post season if im not mistaken. And yes Renos Pizza is in Gibsonville.

  3. The ELKS field one of the best 17 and under teams I have seen. Credit should go to the coaches for the kids true knowledge of the game. I hope to see them in the post season

  4. Just curios, with the Palimino season coming to an end and since there is no all star team that is formed from all the different teams…..who would be on your Palimino all star team?

    Not just the players that everyone reads about and assumes are good, but the players that fell through the cracks and surprised people when they watched them play this year.

  5. Are these teams really playing under the Palomino banner of PONY Baseball? I thought that Proehlific Power is the local team that represents this area in the national Palomino tournament. Isn’t this league under the NABF umbrella, or Babe Ruth or something other than Palomino?

  6. just picking out a few from other teams, real quickly to get the conversation started. others are deserving and i’ll depend on other readers to pitch in. bunnell, cheek and sessoms (N. Chatham), almond, atkins, wyrick, clapp (renos), barker (villains)(dont give umps the finger, somebodys always watching), and wodarczyck, mann (dbacks). these are all from memory. if i left someone out, please, no offense. i’m just winging it.

  7. dweeb fan…I’m neither Justin nor Johnny…I spell and punctuate better than either of them. LOL

    But, I do admire their ability to put together all-star type teams whether it be in the “old” Palomino league or the current Proehlific teams.

  8. I believe you would also have to include Derrick Holbrook and Clay Winters for Reno’s on your all-star team. Also Ray Crawford Jr. and Kevin Rose from the Elks.

  9. The league plays under all the above mentioned orginizations. The Babe Ruth people pulled the plug on post season when they moved their post season to an earlier date, even though Greensboro was supposed to be the host. Maybe sour grapes down Charlotte way, since a team from Greensboro has won the tournament the last 5 or 6 years. Also, I forgot to mention Jason Davis from Reno’s for your all-star consideration. The league will have the opportunity to send two teams to the NABF World Series in Lynchburg Va., beginning next Friday. Chatam is a lock if they decide to go and I believe Reno’s would secure the second spot with a win over the Diamond Backs Thursday night at 6pm at Stoner White.

  10. The Reno’s have to win tomorrow night against the Diamond Backs or they will not advance to the play-offs. It is a shame that in today’s world of baseball that the coaches don’t teach their players that it is good sportmanship that sets them apart as true winners!

  11. dont get me wrong but there are other players on the elks other than crawford jr. but without question he has the most talent. there is eric kimber, jabrill shabazz, logan dunn, shaq jacobs, gabe dimock, daniel massey, ronnie burkes, and on the mound with kevin rose, trevor brackett, and quinton ?. very solid team, my opinion, they are the best team in the league, when of course everyone shows up.

  12. Best team in the league? Reno’s has shown everyone who the best team in the league is. They have beat the Elks twice by ten or more runs when everyone from the elks was there. The Elks are a very solid team, but I think the games show who the best team is.(just mentioning that in Reno’s and Chatams last game Reno’s didnt have Atkins or Hollbrook) and the last loss Reno’s suffered to the Elks, Reno’s only had a handful of hits and still managed to keep it close with the game ending on a baserunning mistake after Reno’s scored 5 runs in the bottom of the 7. In my opinion Reno’s is the best team and will beat Chatam if they meet them in VA

  13. One correction, I would not say that it was a baserunning mistake that led to the close loss to the Elks. I have interviewed the player in question and a former Div. 1 player that was at the game and this is how it played out: the Elks first baseman was not paying attention and the runner saw it and decided to make a go for it, as the catcher would have to make a perfect play at the plate to get an out….he did. Aggressive play can bite you, but most times it can help you. The next game against the Elks the Renos played aggressive and won.

  14. My Allstar Selection would have to be

    P- Kevin Rose, Trevor Brackett, Tall Guy from D’backs that threw against Reno’s, Mick Raynor, and a non injured Taylor Atkins
    C- Harrison Revels
    1B- D’backs first baseman(cant think of name)
    2B- Shaq Jacobs
    SS- Brandon Wyrick
    3B- Ray Crawford Jr
    Utility- Cy Almond
    DH- Ronnie Burkes
    OF- Jason Davis, Teavan Neal, Matt Clapp

  15. Renos Crawford was not there during your two wins could have been a diffrent game.

  16. My mistake, he was not. But does that suggest that Ray is that big an impact on the Elks?

  17. Also, regarding renos post about the close game the Elks won last weekend, the game was 2-1 Renos after 1st inning and stayed that way until the Elks scored 2 in the top of the 7th to go up 3-2. The game ended on the aggressive baserunning play mentioned above. I would also point out that the Elks had a number of baserunning errors that probably cost them 2-3 runs. It was a well pitched game by both Brandon Wyrick and Kevin Rose. Wyrick simply ran out of gas in the 7th. These 2 teams seemed to compete really hard all season even though there were a couple of ugly games when the Elks pitching wasn’t there.

  18. I have heard from many people that they are a different team with him in the line up.
    He is a very aggresive player which can help and hurt at times who knows?
    I do know that he led the Palamino league in a lot of offensive categories including HOME RUNS

  19. Another Elks fan is deffinetly correct with the scores, Renos is way off on the “5 run inning” we had, Brandon ran out of gas and it costs us. And by no means was the aggressive baserunning a mistake. There is one play that kinda stuck in my mind where the Elks squeeze attempt turned into a double play that really hurt them going into the 7. Still the pitching that was not there is a little fuzzy, in all the games between Reno’s and the Elks Kevin Rose was pitched and Teavan Neal and Quintin were thrown, also Trevor threw, all of which are very good pitchers and did very well in there respective confrences.

  20. We had a good season and all the kids got a chance to show their talents.
    I will say this if we did not have several players including Quentin who by the way beat the # 1 team twice, Tevin who was spliting time with colt, Eric who was spliting time with colt, Gabe who missed alot of time due to other engagements, Ray who was
    spliting time with GBC Prep Stars, Trevor who was spliting time with GBC Prep Stars,and Kevin who was spliting time with GBC Prep Stars. All of the above players if they could have participated in every game I know where the ELKS would be on their way to post season with no doubt . This by far was a very talented team with a lot of great fans we made the ball park fun. Congradulations to the COACHES That taught these kids when they were young they did a great job with everyone of them.

  21. I might be on the edge of making excuses and that’s not my intent and i could be wrong but i think the Elks were impacted more than others by showcase ball (ray crawford, kevin rose, trevor brackett, etc). If it were a straight up season with the kids we had being there and fresh every game…my moneys on the elks! whatever, it was a great and fun season.

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