West All-Stars Football: 10 questions with Dudley’s Ricky Lewis Jr.

Ricky Lewis Jr. #22 for Dudley High School quarterbacked the Panthers to back-to-back State 3-A Championships in 2007-2008.

This week Ricky is on the West squad and he will play in the East-West All-Star football game tomorrow(Wednesday) night at Grimsley’s Jamieson Stadium.

We sat down with Ricky this afternoon(Tuesday) over at the North Carolina Coaches Association office on Westover Terrace and talked with him about his football career.

10 Questions with Ricky Lewis Jr:

1) Is Ricky Lewis Jr. a running Quarterback or a passing Runningback?
Passing runningback. Hoping to start on Wednesday night, possibly at a slot back spot in the Wing T offense.

2) In what ways did your father influence your football career?
He was my first-ever football coach at Windsor Recreation Center. He had to go through a kidney transplant process four years ago and that movtivated me to try harder and my mom had breast cancer so those are two family factors that motivated me…..

3) Most important thing you learned from your Dudley coach Steven Davis?
Always give 100% and respect your leaders. Classroom first/Football second.

4) What will you miss the most about Dudley?
Being around Coach Davis and KP(Ken Page). Team experiences with traveling together and winning the State Titles.

5) Other than coaches, your most important teacher at Dudley?
Ms. Danielle High, math and Algebra II teacher and strength and conditioning teacher Mr. Curtis McMillian.

6) If you could do one thing different at Dudley what would it be?
Taken the SAT test earlier. Took the test three times in about a six-week period beginning back in May of this year(2009), his senior year. Needed 820 on the SAT to enter N.C. A&T and play football.(Scored 750 the first time, 800 the second and 870 the third time. The third time was the charm.)

Also hit the weight room harder and would have loved to have three State 3-A Championship rings instead of two. Wishes he was back at Dudley this year for a third run at the title although this year it would be a 4-A championship run.

7) Are you a lock at N.C. A&T for the fall or another school?
N.C. A&T is a lock for the fall. Have been training there this summer and Aggie Camp starts on August 2nd.

8 What’s something you’ve learned about football this week that you didn’t know before you came to the All-Stars’ practices?
Team Bonding means a good team. On Day One of practice we were trying to figure each other out and by Day Two we were coming together as a Team.

9) If you could start for one NFL team today, who would it be?
The San Francisco 49er’s. Have watched video on them and Joe Montana for years and San Fran is the team.

10) The football player you most pattern your game after and where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Tim Tebow(QB) and Percy Harven(Athlete) In ten years still in the NFL with 2 Super Bowl rings, a house on the hill, beautiful wife and two kids; living the life of a football star……

Bonus Question:
Why #22 at Dudley?
Was #17 and somebody else had to have that number and Coach Davis said throw #22 on him and it stuck.

Ricky Lewis played runningback on the Dudley JV’s as a 9th and 10th grader and then was a RB on Varsity early in his junior year, but then made the move to Varsity QB in the 4th game of his 11th grade season and the rest is history with the Dudley Panthers winning back-to-back State Titles in 2007-2008.


  1. A good, solid ,respectful young man.Level headed,what you see is the real deal. What I glance at with kids today is “attitude”,and Rick has what it takes to make it in life,be it athletics or a job. Those are the intangibles that stood out with me about him. He’s a first class individual all the way. Will be pulling for him to make his dream come true. See, a great many kids today . . .they don’t dream,they want it all right now.It’s refreshing to see that young people still have” the dream”. Best of luck to Rick as he finishes a great high school career and embarks on the college level.

  2. I have watched this kid from pee-wee’s to high school, and he has won a championship
    at every level, ( pee-wees, middle school and high school). He is the pride of the Dudley Heights Community and the Guilford County School System as a whole. No other football QB has two back to back State Championships, and two MVP’s in both games. Ricky Lewis Jr. is a true champion. He will always be remembered for bringing football back to this side of town. The Dudley Heights Community will continue to follow him with AGGIE PRIDE as he enters N.C. A&T State Univ. this fall. He could not have made a better choice. Dudley needed him and he answered the call. Now N.C. A&T needs him. According to his track record N.C. A&T will be back on top in just a matter of time. Thank you Rick Sr. and Brenda Lewis for the gift of your son. Thank you Coach Steve Davis and staff for nuturing his gifts. Thank you Dudley Panthers football team for the best two seasons in the school’s history. To the East West All-Stars and beyond.

  3. I just have a quick question and observation, why isn’t Ricky on the 2009 A&T football roster like the other freshmen?

  4. Hopefully it is because he qualified late on his SAT score and maybe A&T wasn’t certain that he was still coming there way at the point when they came up with that roster, but Ricky says he’s in now and ready to be an Aggie.

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