The jury is in: Brian Joura hits the Smith Street journey with Proehlific Power

Very imformative article on the Proehlific Power and Coach Justin Smith in today’s News and Record from Brian Joura and he hit a home run with many of the details on the Power’s upcoming tournaments.

Strong game from Joura and good calls from Justin during their conversation. It is a read you need to look at. Hit Here.

We have had several posts about the Power here at the site this season, but Joura has the journal and he is taking it to Smith Street.


  1. I was very disappointed after reading this article. This PP team would rank well below some of the other Palomono teams mentioned previously.
    1) APWU WS champs ( added 2 pitchers for the run—no chance without pickups )
    2) Doyle 1998 WS runner-ups
    3) Diamondbacks 1997, 1998, 1999
    4) Patriots 1997,1998, 2001
    5) Diamondbacks 2001, 2002

    Just my opinion, but not necessarily in this order.

  2. This is a joke. Prolific Power team is made up mostly of graduated players and they play in horrible tournaments and win them. They are not good at all, they just play bad competition. Go play in some real showcase tournaments with other college bound players since your “whole team” will be playing in college. or are you afraid of being mediocre in good tournaments????? Think about it

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