Eastern Guilford takes 7 on 7

from Eastern Guilford coach Scott Loosemore on the 7 on 7’s at West Stokes and check out the part about the first team trophy since 1981:

We started out a little sluggish, I think we tied Bishop McGuinness, then lost in close games to West Stokes and played some JV players against NW Guilford in our first game against them.

In tournament play we played pretty mistake free football offensively with Derek Holbrook looking pretty good at QB and Zack Leddon playing very well at wide receiver. We defeated N. Surry in the first game then beat N. Forsyth by getting a first down on an option play to break the tie with only a few seconds left.

We played NW Guilford in the championship game and looked very good. It was a great way for us to finish the summer going into the camp. I know 7 on 7’s are not a good gauge on the season but it did get our kids excited.

Winning the 7 on 7 tournament at West Stokes gave us our first football team trophy here at Eastern since 1981.

The Eastern Guilford Wildcats led by their coach Scott Loosemore and their quarterback Derek Holbrook claimed the top spot at last night’s 7 on 7 football mini-jamboree at West Stokes High School in King, N.C.

The ‘Cats received a very nice plaque that will go into their trophy case at the new EG High School in Gibsonville come Monday morning, just about the time 2009 mini-camp is starting for Coach Loosemore and his Wildcats.

Nice job by Eastern and we will have more details forth-coming, on what must have been a fairly big 7 on 7 in King, if they were handing out hardware to the winner.

Again, good job ‘Cats and to all the teams out there, drink plenty of water as you prepare to hit the field next week. You must learn to love H2O.


  1. Heard it went well. Eastern did win and I think they only lost once which was to Bishop McGuinness. If they lost to anyone else, I missed it. I thought NW Guilford looked good.

  2. Northeast Guilford made it to the Championship game in the King of the Hill 7 on 7 at Chapel Hill. They had a chance to play for overtime, but went for the win and lost 21-20 to Leesville. Second place hardware, not bad after a days work!!!

  3. In pool play, Eastern loss all 3 games. But when the actual torney started, I tell ya, it seemed as if a light switch turned on. The cats handled business from there including a very impressive win against North Forsyth with the offense gaining a first down in the closing seconds of the semi-finals giving them a 1 point win. I am really beginning to enjoy Guilford Co. football. I’m glad I moved here. Can’t wait until the season starts.

  4. they lost to Bishop McGuinness, NW and someone else in pool play, but then they did indeed come to life and played awesome the whole rest of the way.

  5. i was at this 7 on 7 at 1st eastern looked sluggish but when it came to it they turned it on. Mr. Holbrook had some weapons out there he had a whole lot of speed to work with. Evetytime i go to a 7 on 7 eastern is very physical i cant wait till they get pads on, and if they can stay foucus play with heart and work together 3A better watch out they might be small but they are hell of good

  6. Congrats EG. Now lets add the linemen and backs in. Not bad for NW considering this was like their first 7on7 of the summer. WE also played with three or four defensive starters gone. Just need to catch the ball at the end. Dropped some passes against EG in the final. Still 5-1 on the day isn’t bad for a team that runs the ball. See you in a couple weeks

  7. Viking Dad from what mysons friend said EG beat NW with some jv players and some key players missing i dont know if thats good or EG has that much talent. I cant wait to watch this very athletic EG team. GO WILDCATS

  8. because the way eastern get yelled at for been so pysical and the way they used that option play at 7 on 7 i cant wait to see how they real are and i think these group of wildcat got something to say there 1st game

  9. The Northwest team was very different from the run run offense everyone is used too. They seem to have found a QB that is accurate and can read the defense quit well. Since the starting QB from last year has departed to another school, who is this QB and did he come from Northern? Northwest went 5-1 in the Tournament to place second. Not bad for a running team. If Northwest can pass and run, this should make for a great opener against Eastern. “I may have to go to this one”

  10. Sean is back in town but I didn’t see him at the 7on7. The QB that played the most was Matt Pawloski. He is a 10th grader that led the NW JV team to a 9-1 record last year. I think one of the transfers from NG played some QB but it looked like they were playig more as receivers. I thought they looked really good on defense.

    You are right they looked good throwing the ball. I know of at least two receivers and some backs that weren’t there.

  11. From what I saw at this 7-on-7 NWG looked really good in the aspect of having multiple offensive talents. Eastern had a hard time in their first meeting with NWG in handling all of these. Like it was stated earlier pads make a huge difference, we all know this. The QB though for NWG that had accuracy and reading ability, talked about earlier, that I saw was the one who wore #6 in the first meeting with Eastern. My daughter goes to NWG and told me she did not know many of the guys names who played for the team. I am sure that everyone though will know a lot of these guys names, because from what I saw out of them figuring in a couple drops here and there and a few young guys gaining experience quickly these guys will be even better than the playoff team they had last year.

    I cannot discredit other teams that were there though. Of course we know Eastern has Holbrook and that alone gets them a couple glances from everyone. I mainly spent most of my time watching the QB play of the teams I saw at this 7-on-7. It is really the one thing that does not drastically change once pads are on though. Holbrook is a rare find and if they can rally around him and some of the receivers and have a crisp passing attack I think they will be a playoff team no doubt. They did start off sluggish but finished in very precise style and like their coach said “pretty mistake free.” If they continue to iron out the hiccups in their offense Holbrook could very likely lead these guys to conference championship. That would be huge for them considering recent tragedies we all have known and cried out in support for.

    North Surry and North Forsyth fared to be a good competition for the team to see in the background behind Eastern and NWG of course. North Forsyth looks to be much better once their running game comes into play and they will have to rely on that in my opinion more than I think they realize. North Surry is not a team I knew much about and still do not know a lot of after this 7-on-7 but for a 2A school they looked to have talent and some speed I hope they have a running game to fall back on though, but I did see some pretty good sized guys in there at FB and RB for them, so we’ll see.

    My final thought as Jerry would say is that if the Ples boy is back at NWG that allows more talent to be injected into what already looked to be a pretty talented offense. I know he will bring experience and leadership having been on varsity already for 2 years. I will be at many of these games since I now live so close and am looking forward to seeing these guys play what looks to be, however, a tough conference schedule.


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