CP3 at 2009 AAU Super Showcase in Orlando

from the aau.org web site and we’d still like to get some details or results on the how this team did down in Orlando:

NBA All-Star and gold medal winning New Orleans Hornet, Chris Paul, may be not suiting up for the AAU anymore but his presence is still felt. CP3 sponsors his own force to be reckoned with, the Chris Paul All-Stars.

Hoping some of Paul’s skill will rub off on him, 33rd best point guard Emanuel Chappman will be dishing it off to the 13th classed, shooting guard Reggie Bullock (UNC) and 32nd slated underclassmen, shooting guard Samuel “PJ” Hariston(Dudley HS).

In the paint, a slew of top prospects will reach for rebounds: power forward Detirque Baker, small forward Jay Canty(Ragsdale HS), power forward Preston Ross, power forward Melvin Tabb and the 58th rated young’n, Dezmine Wells.

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  1. CP3 was live on ESPNU Sunday night. They got beat by an Ohio team. Reggie Bullock was all everything for CP3 that game. I only watched the second half (Canty, PJ, Bullock, Tabb plus one more were starters).

    Of course I really didn’t get to see the second half because almost all of it was watching Andy Katz interview basketball coaches while the game was going on. They didn’t even show the game – just the coaches. It was the stupidest thing I ever saw. I was hoping to see how Jay did. I wish him luck although I hate he won’t be back at Ragsdale next year. (If the rumors are true). I was looking foward to seeing him lead the team as a senior.

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