Green faces Gray today at Colt East Zone Tournament

The Colt Baseball East Zone Tournament continues today at War Memorial Stadium with the two Greensboro teams set to do battle at 6pm. At 8pm, or shortly thereafter, they’ll have Rockingham County meeting Youngstown, Ohio.

The Green-Gray game should be a real war with Gray taking last week’s South Region qualifier at Stoner-White Stadium and Green picked up a 7-2 first-round win last night over Youngstown.

We talked about last night earlier in the day and all of the festivities surrounding opening-night and we also saw quite a few fans out there at the grand old stadium on Yanceyville and Lindsey Streets.

I ran into Cal Sutphin and didn’t even know who he was! This was the first time I had ever seen Cal without his baseball cap on and it was hard to tell who he was without that trademark ball cap pulled down around his eyes. Cal is always the perfect citizen as he always shakes hands with everybody he sees/meets. He might make a good politician one day, but the bottom line is, Cal is just a great kid.

JB Baynes was in the house and he won the split-the-pot with the umpires and he took home some good spending money in preparation for next week’s Inner City Classic. Bill Ahrens was at the game with his wife and his son Brandon. They were doing a little advance scouting for tonight’s game with Brandon’s Gray squad taking on the Green team.

There were a number of other loyal fans there too. I thought I saw Kevan Moore from the Thrifty Market on East Market Street. I spoke with his mom Patsy and I do believe I saw Kevan at the game later on last night.

I was thinking about convenience stores this morning, kind of in a Bernie Mac type of way, and reached the conclusion that we have the convenience stores that we stop at every day and the convenience stores like the Moore’s Thrifty Market where you go because they have what you need and what you have to have, like stamps, money orders and the Duke Power payment center.

They always have stamps when you have to pay some key bills on the last day of the month and they don’t charge extra when you pay your Duke Power bill at the Thrifty Market on the day that it is due, so you can still get that payment to go through on time.

I did fall asleep at the game last night, but only momentarily as the sound of the aluminum bat got me jumping after just a short doze off. Not a good idea to eat a meal before the game on a warm summer night if you plan to stay awake.

They’ll do it again at 6pm TONIGHT with the Greensboro Green battling Greensboro Gray at War Memorial Stadum in the East Zone qualifier for the Colt Baseball World Series at Lafayette, Indiana.

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