Charlotte’s Home Depot Motor Speedway

Word is out the Lowes is getting out of the Raceway Naming business – they won’t pay for their name on the front of the Charlotte Motor Speedway. They had a Ten Year Run, plus two extra years; but in a down economy and reduced television ratings, the time had come to ask “Is It Worth It?”

Press reports indicate that the naming rights were reduced a few times; but both parties never really got what they wanted. So it’s “Bye-Bye” Lowes Motor Speedway; hello somebody new… may be Home Depot???

Jimmie Johnson is in no trouble as Lowes is expected to continue as his sponsor, even at a higher price tag.

What caught my eye was the fact that there was recently a contest for lifetime tickets to the Lowes Motor Speedway held this year. Looks like someone is going to have a very short life; as the fine print specified as long as Lowes was the naming sponsor of the track.

The track will be the Lowes Motor Speedway through the end of the year.

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