Greensboro Green, East Zone Colt Baseball Champions: Lafayette, Indiana here they come!

Greensboro Green 3
West Islip NY 2

Greensboro Green advances to the World Series in Lafayette, Indiana. This is the 18th time a Greensboro Colt team has advanced to the World Series. A World Series record.

Greensboro Green will play the North Zone winner on Wednesday August 5 @5:00 PM…….

Congrats to the Greensboro Green team and we would like to get a full list of their players and their coaches if they will contact us at Never got a chance to pick up a copy of their roster this past week. Had to go by the PA, but that’s OK.

Send us a copy of your roster if you get a chance. Again, that’s…….

Great job and good luck on the road to Greensboro Green.


  1. Andy thanks for all the updates. Congrats Green Team and good luck. Anyone know if the games will be webcast again this year?

  2. I would expect the games to be webcast again, especially the games involving host Lafayette area team or teams and for the sure the title round on the final day with several games coming down on Title Day.

  3. CONGRATS GREEN TEAM! Special shout-out to the Northwest Guilford players! We’re proud of all of you guys!

  4. good luck green team. i hope the gso colt group treats you 1st class and doesn’t scrimp on expenses, so that you can have “the trip of a lifetime”! i also hope you don’t have to listen to too many stories about what happened before this trip. too many people live in the past, as you will find. you never know what the competition will be like, so play your best and win it all.

  5. i hear sawyer highfill and that anderson kid are transferring to northern to build a dynasty…true?

  6. Don’t expect to see any players transferring into Northern Guilford this year.

    Anderson should be ready to move on up at High Point Wesleyan, he got time there last year and he has a strong future ahead of him.

  7. Best of luck to the Colt All-Stars. I hope you represent your community in a positive way, on and off the field.


    It would take more than a couple of players to “build a dynasty” at NG. I’m not even sure that Northern has the foundation, with or without a couple of additional players, to “build a dynasty” as you put it. Rumors abound that their stud is leaving and that the coaches won’t be back. Plus a couple of their starters from last season are ineligible. A dynasty? Not!

  8. Surely Northern will have a dynasty. They have justin Smith and 15 D-1 pitchers!!!!!

  9. green team got lucky when they beat the gray team, gray is absolutley stacked and is surely a lock to win the inner city classic

  10. I highly agree with the greensboro grey team shouldve beat the green! The grey would beat the green 3 out of 4 times they played!

  11. Are you really serious? There is no way the gray would have the beat the green team. If the gray would have played their best they still would have lost. They won’t win the inner city classic either.

  12. From what I gather hanging out at Proehlific, Northern will have Carter at 1b, Harrington at 2b, Arendas at ss, with 3b being wide open. OF should be Burchette, Casciano and Strubinger. Pitchers are Carter, Burchette, Caudle, Hardin and Campbell. Arendas dad is one of the baseball coaches at Carolina. I understand they have a couple of new kids move in from out of state that are studs. Ask Ed Willis he seems to know it all. He must have been a frustrated player or coach. The only thing he does is bad mouth people. What a life he must have.

  13. you know who is going to northwest?sawyer highfill and anderson,this will hopefully bolster a dreadful hitting squad and add pitching

  14. Northwest is going to be god awful this year! Why would anyone want to go enroll in a franchise
    that may not even make it to the state playoffs?! If you transfer there then your going to make
    a fool out of yourself!

  15. david anderson. and ive talked to sources and they are straight up out of district.

  16. the two studs that are transfering in from out of state are both left handed pitchers one is 6’5 and one is 6’2 and supposed to be d1 caliber. one is from NJ and the other from Puerto rico. They were both in town within the last three weeks and have already enrolled at Northern

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