Ric Flair to become the official face of the North Carolina Lottery

from Jason Powell www.prowrestling.net:

Ric Flair told WFNZ.com(610AM Charlotte) that he will be the official face of the North Carolina lottery on Sept. 22. You can listen to his interview at WFNZ.com.

Jason Powell’s POV: WWE officials expressed concern to Flair over getting involved in gambling because they are a PG product the last time the two sides had contract negotiations. It seems silly to me given that Flair is simply a spokesman for LEGAL gambling in his state, but I’ve heard from multiple sources they cited this as a concern.

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  1. Boy, the WWE officially has an identity crisis. If this were 2002, WWE would care less…heck, they may even say it lives up to the wheelin’ dealin’ style of Flair.

    This isn’t an endorsement of the lottery, but I say Flair says screw ’em. Besides, didn’t the WWE release Flair from contractual obligations a while back? If they did, WWE can’t do a thing!

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