On the road to Lafayette, Indiana with the Greensboro Green Colt team

On the Road to the Colt Baseball World Series in Lafayette, Indiana with the Greensboro Green Team……..

The young men left out early this morning.

First game on Wed. @ 5pm

More games day and times:
Thurs @ 5pm
Sun. @ 2:30
Mon.@ 7:30 pm

The next game will be determined by the outcome of these games. Their are two websites to follow: www.hoosierauthority.com and www.coltworldseries.com

GCC Players:
Sanders Kuxhausen
Steven Plante
Zach Hodges
Luis Paula
Sawyer Highfill
Elliott Slack
Tucker Rogers
David Anderson
Josiel Colon
Kyle Miller
Patrick Nusdeo
Ben Schmucker
Eric Stevens
A. J. Williams
Caleb McCann
Chris Harrelson

GCC Head Coach:
Brett Garrett

Pre-Tournament Extravaganza
The Pre-Tournament Extravaganza is open to the public!

Tuesday, August 4 from 6pm to 9pm at Loeb Stadium. (In case of inclement weather, the extravaganza will be moved to the Jefferson High School cafeteria). The extravaganza features:

Free Admission
Open Food Court and Concession Stand
Home Run Derby
Fastest Runner Contest

Stop by and check it out.


  1. I promise you I will not get their butts kicked, what does that mean anyway. They may get beat, but they are there, you are not, and I’ll be pulling for them. Who is your english teacher?

  2. On one of the comments, Pat mentioned that Northern had 2 lefthanded pitchers transfer in from out of state. How did he find that out. I thought they were going to enroll in September when their parents closed o their homes. I heard the reason they chose Northern was because of the new school and the money that has been and being put in the facility. I understand Coach Smith is on that field eeryday doing something.

  3. Hey Wes,that “something”is staying in good with the powers that be to try and keep his job

  4. I think he has literally built that field, and raised over $50,000. tHAT IS GOING TO BE A GREAT LACE TO PLAY BALL.

  5. my wife knows the real estate agent that handled one of the kids he is definitely d1 6’5 lefty and the other kid was handled by someone in her office 6’2 sub 6.5 60 time.also a lefty. My only question is can they break into the starting line up at northern? i hear they are pretty stacked! one is from puerto rico and the other is from nj

  6. Hey Pat, whoever you are. Those 2 new pitchers at Northern will have a tough time breaking in the rotation with Carter, Caudle, Campbell and Hardin. What do you think? I understand Caudle and Hardin are already getting some looks and Carter has already committed to Carolina. I also heard that their shortstop Arendas has committed to Carolina. I also understand thry have a switch hitting catcher/3b coming up from the jv’s. I think his last nmae is Dunn.

  7. Wesley– You have may too much at stake at NG. Arendas is young and has a long way to go to develop. If your dad is the operations manager of UNC-CH Baseball – where would you go? Maybe Dad arendas has some pull into pulling D1 players to NG to help his son look good. Carter is at Forsyth Country Day. Dunn played the colt season and did not impress anyone. I’d transfer my kid to NG if it would help him get a good look by Carolina everygame. There are so many other schools and players that you are only focusing on a few and then brag about new transfer ins. Why would you know who these transfers are if they were not recruited. If you’re good – you’ll stay where you are and prove yourself. Sounds like your transfers want to go to carolina and the best route there is to play in front of a carolina dad/coach everyday.
    Not impressed. I look forward to the next school season and then see where all of you over opinionated non athletic dads have to say next year.

  8. he mr ? were did you play college ball?these kids moved in from out of state, i doubt the were recruited, by the way who is your kid?

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