Greensboro Green vs. Joliet, Illinois to begin at around 6:15/Greensboro wins it 11-1, full details

The Mexico-Germany game ran about 3:30 minutes with Mexico winning by around 10 runs, 12-4, last time we checked in.

The Greensboro Green versus Joliet, Illinois game will now get started at around 6:15pm and you can listen at and click on webcast there on the home page………..

After one inning:
Joilet, Illinois 1
Greensboro 0
(Greensboro Green left the bases loaded in the bottom of the first.)

Greensboro’s Zack Hodges struck out the side(Joliet) in the top of the second inning.

Bottom of second, Greensboro scores AJ Williams on a hit by Joisel Colon and then Colon scores on a triple by Sanders Kuxhausen to put Greensboro in front 2-1 over Joliet, Illinois.

Greensboro with 2 runs on three hits to lead 2-1 after two innings…..Huge dark cloud over downtown Greensboro, but clear skies and sunny at Lafayette, Indiana.

Zack Hodges strikes out two more Joliet batters in the top of third and Hodges(5 K’s) and Greensboro get Joliet three-up, three-down as we head toward the bottom of the third with heavy rain now falling in downtown Greensboro.

No runs for Greensboro in the bottom of the third with one hit and one man left. Still 2-1 Greensboro Green after three complete.

Sanders Kuxhausen just nailed a Joliet runner at the plate with a throw from right field in the top of the fourth with catcher Sawyer Highfill applying the tag to take a run off the board. Joliet in the 4th, no runs on one hit and one man left, headed to the bottom of the fourth, Greensboro Green up 2-1 over Joliet, Illinois.

Bases loaded for Greensboro with two outs in the bottom of the 4th with Luis Paula at the plate. Paula hit by a pitch to bring in Elliot Slack to score from third and Greensboro Green now leads 3-1 over Joliet with the bases still loaded in the 4th with two outs. Pitcher Zach Hodges hits a two-out, two-run single to push Greensboro ahead 5-1. Ben Schmucker an infield single and an RBI to make it now 6-1 Greensboro as Luis Paula scores coming in from third. Zach Hodges scores as AJ Williams reaches on an error by the Joliet shortstop and Greensboro leads now 7-1. Another error on the Joliet SS on a pop-up and Greensboro scores again, now Green up 8-1. Bases still loaded with two outs……

Joisel Colon reaches on an error by the third baseman and scores AJ Williams and Greensboro Green leads 9-1 after four Joliet errors in the 4th and after four innings complete Greensboro Green leads Joliet, Illinois 9-1 as they head toward the top of the fifth with pitcher Zach Hodges working for Greensboro with a eight-run lead backing him up.

Zach Hodges and Greenboro Green in control as Joliet goes three-up, three-down in the top of the fifth. Two more strikeouts for Hodges and he now has 7 for the game and Green leads 9-1 as they head to the plate in the bottom of the fifth…….10-Run Rule after 5 in effect?????

Double by catcher Sawyer Highfill to start off the bottom of the fifth and Sawyer Highfill advances to third on a wild pitch and the ten-run rule is in effect. Luis Paula drives in Highfill with a single and it’s 10-1 Greensboro Green. Paula 3-3 in the ballgame. Another wild pitch and Paula moves to second base.

Base hit by Zach Hodges to left field brings in Luis Paula and just like that Greensboro Green wins their opening round game 11-1 on the RBI single by the winning pitcher Zach Hodges….

Greensboro Green 11
Joliet, Illinois 1

Greensboro 11-12-2
Joliet, Illinois 1-2-5

Winning Pitcher and the Player of the Game was Greensboro’s Zach Hodges…..