Colt World Series: Greensboro vs. Philippines today at 5pm

GREENSBORO GREEN UP 8-1 as they head to the bottom of the 3rd Inning……



Wednesday August 5, 2009
2:30 p.m.
Germany 4
Mexico 12

5:00 p.m.
Joliet, IL 1
Greensboro, NC 11

7:30 p.m.
Puerto Rico 5
Lafayette, IN 4

Thursday August 6, 2009

2:30 p.m.
Tampa, FL

5:00 p.m.
Greensboro, NC

7:30 p.m.
Santa Clara, CA
Hoosier North


  1. After seeing some of the east zone last week, this must be a pretty weak world series group. There are just too many good players playing showcase and not playing colt, etc.. I am glad the green showcase players went to Lafayette. It will be great if the win the whole thing!

  2. What are you talking about? The showcase players who chose to play showcase games last week and miss any of the zone tournament should not have been allowed on the bus. It would be great to know what Coaches Ned Mcmillian & Sneakie Williamson would have done with a player that chose another team during the colt tournament. The coaches, parent and league directors should be ashamed for allowing this to happen.

  3. FYI when Colt Baseball recognizes that in order to get higher quality players, they have to start getting College Coaches involved. If not, more and more talented players will continue to move more toward showcase and impact baseball. If not, Colt Baseball will be nothing more than a low quality rec. league. So, how many scouts have been to a Colt game this year in Greensboro??? None that I have seen!!! Don’t blame the kids or the coaches for trying to keep the talent level up!!!

  4. Does every freakin blog on this website have to end up being a negative shout fest? There are showcase players that chose to play in every Colt game this weekend so they could enjoy the experience of going to Lafayette again. Isn’t that more important in the long run? Why does every article on this website end up in an argument? Andy does a great job covering things the N&R doesn’t but I swear I have never seen a more negative group of people. Greensboro is 2-0 in the World Series and this place is a pissing contest. Sorry Andy, just can’t take it anymore!

  5. Greensboro Green Team wins big over the Philippines (19 to 2) in 5 innings. With 14 hits and only allowing one error.

    Winning Pitcher Luis Paula with 5 complete innings of work, 3 k’s and allowing 4 hits.

    Player of the game was AJ Williams going 3 for 5.

    Greensboro has now out scored their opponents 30 to 3 in two games.

    Good Luck Green!!!

  6. Way to go ad4deacs!!! You are absolutely right!!! All of these boys are in Lafayette having the opportunity of a lifetime!!!! I have spoken to my son several times and each time he is saying what a trip!! The host family is great, he’s with 3 other teammates and they are all playing great baseball and meeting guys from around the world. The announcers are saying the coach is a class act. The players are representing GREENSBORO with class and showmanship. I hope they keep playing good and take one game at a time!!!! GOOD LUCK GREENSBORO GREEN!!!!!!!

  7. So it’s your theory that no kid that chose to take advantage of this experience and forgo “showcase” will go to college and play baseball? If it is we will resume this conversation in two years. If that is not your theory then why are on blog about the Colt World series slamming the kids that are playing in it? It goes back to what I said earlier, Andy covers a lot of local sports that otherwise would not get covered and yet the majority of responses are negative. Why is that? First we heard about how weak the local colt league was and that our all-star team wouldn’t get out of the zone tourney. Now that they are 2-0 and have outscored their opponets 30-3 in two games we hear how weak the whole world series field must be. Who cares! These kids might not win another game or score another run but they are there having a great time and representing all baseball in Greensboro. Why can’t we just celebrate that and leave the negatives out of it?

  8. college baseball? yeah, a few,somewhere.nothing wrong with having fun,but that is all it is good for.weak? yeah,weak compared to the 2011,2012 national talent pool.who cares?apparantly you do and that is great.congrats to you and yours.keep winning,or,does that really matter.the main thing is to have fun,right?feels good to be the big fish,huh?

  9. most of the kids on this colt team are involved with some form of ” showcase ” ball, for what it is worth.

    after watching many ” showcase ” tourneys this year, I can say that this little old colt team would more than hold their on against any of the showcase lineups.

    Showcase has become very watered down, but still financially lucrative for the partins of the world.

    just imagine if all the players from gulford county, stayed and played in guilford county, what a showcase that would be, not to mention the $$$$$$ parents could put toward college tuitions for their kidss.

  10. Not sure what the whole big fish thing means. I think you’re missing my point. I’m not saying there are not more talented players out there. My point is that everything on this website has become so mean spirited. You have an article about Greensboro Colt All-stars and how they are doing in the World Series and yet most of the comments are negative. Why is that? With your superior knowledge of the National talent pool why would you even bother reading about it?

  11. Amen ad4deacs. Too many people here would rather complain or tear someone down, including tearing down kids. Why can’t we just be proud of this team? Let these boys enjoy the moment. I hope they bring the championship home to Greensboro.

  12. old school,
    let’s get a game together, canes north vs greensboro green. canes have three pitchers throwing 90+ with about five big D-1 commits. all of these kids are 16 years old or less. still think gg can hold their own?

    greensboro green is doing a great job,but let’s be real here.


  13. C’mon lester, if you want to brag on the canes north then start a new thread. They’re a hand-picked group of all-star players from a wide open area. The Greensboro team is comprised of players from their league. There’s a tremendous difference. Go toot another horn, okay?

    Go Green!

  14. lester,

    lets get real for a minute, i am sorry to have insulted the canes north team by putting

    them in the same category with the likes of some lowly rec ball players.

    now lets get really real,,,,, it always seems to amaze me with the number of 15 -16 year old pitchers that are throwing in the 90s,,,I guess it depends on whos reading the gun,,,dad , maybe.

    and for the early commits, ,,,i look for this practice to end soon .
    college coaches will start losing their jobs when that 15 year old phenom did nt quite grow into what they thought he would.

    i also would go out on a limb and say there is probably more talent in g’boro this week at the inner city classic than you find at most showcase events,,,only these kids don t have the means to travel the circuit of self promotion baseball.

    like i said before, many g’boro colt players are involved with showcase baseball,,,it seems to be a neccessary evil in todays recruiting style,,

    how many will go on to play the next level,, only time will tell.

    if i m not mistaken, the 2006 colt team sent 15 or 16 of the 18 players on to play at the next level,and would you believe not a one of the pitchers was throwing 90 at the time.

  15. ok, here ya go

    jake cave topped at 92 – per pgcross checker
    kyle crockett topped at 90 – per pgcrosschecker
    ryan mahew – topped at 90 – per pgcrosschecker

    cameron capel -usc
    jake cave – lsu
    dillon bass – uncw
    daniel gossett – clemson
    kyle crockett – uva
    chris ayers -vcu

  16. Lester,

    Are any of the Canes North kids, local kids? The only player I remember seeing on an earlier Canes roster was Josh Tobias from Southeast Guilford and he was listed as a position player.

    Good job by the Canes especially with their work at East Cobb, Georgia, but again hopefully we would have the best local talent representing us at Lafayette and it seems our deal should be to back and support those local Guilford County kids first and commend their efforts right now.

    I’m sure the other kids outside the county are great players, but aren’t we all loyal to the home front first no matter how fast they throw or hard or far they hit the ball?

    This week is a Greenboro/Guilford County deal and it should be totally supported by our local citizens and if not then we are not all banded together in this war.

    GO GREENSBORO GREEN at Lafayette, Ind., and GREENSBORO GRAY and the other teams that are representing us at the Inner City Classic and I would encourage them to all check in with us here at the site so we can track how they are doing.

    Unfortunately, the Inner City Classic is slipping by us and we don’t know how are local teams are doing with the exception of Greensboro Gray. Gray is the only team that has been in contact with us.

    Again, Good Luck to all our local teams!

  17. Just a quick fact on the 17u Canes North and a local Greensboro connection.

    Zach Hodges threw against the Canes in ECU this past weekend. He went 5 1/3 innings and allowed 4 runs with 5 K’s with a 3 hour rain delay in between after the first inning. Zach plays for the Charlotte Heat 17 u. They lost 4 to 2, but keep in mind Zach is a 16 who does not through 90 mph either facing those D1 prospects. Not too bad in my opinion.

    Anyway enough of that. I’m pulling for the local guys up in Indiana and I wish them the best!!

  18. Those Canes guys don’t throw 90, but let him believe what he wants. Most of those boys pitch anywhere from 83-87. Still not chopped liver. They are a good collection of players.

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