Canty to Cincinnati(Xavier Univeristy)

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Jay Canty, a 6-foot-5 small forward, has orally committed to the Xavier University men’s basketball program and will be part of its 2010 class.

Canty originally committed to High Point but re-opened his search in March after coach Bart Lundy was fired.

The North Carolina native is ranked 124th in’s Class of 2010. He is 26th among 2010 small forwards.

Canty joins power forward Jordan Latham in Chris Mack’s first class as head coach.

Isn’t Bart Lundy at Xavier now as the director of basketball operations?????(After some checking, it’s probably Lundy at Marquette…..)

Jay Canty was Ragsdale High School in Jamestown last season and could well end up at Oak Ridge Military Academy for the upcoming school year.


  1. Did the point guard from Page Mitchell Oates leave page and transfer to high point christian ?

  2. it is all congrats to jay he’ll fit good in their system. but it was a general question. so many players are leaving the pubic schools and going to private schools. i heard its a bunch doing that this year

  3. oates did leave page to go to hpca. congrats canty. make sure you go to a school that you are going to have to get those books right. xavier is no joke academically. make an academic decision not a basketball one. you already got that scholarship. good luck, you are a good player.

  4. Congratulations to Jay Canty.

    Mitch Oates is leaving Page, he will be missed because he is a great player. One of the best in the city in my opinion. I hope that things work out for him at HPCA. Page basketball is going to have a very different look this coming season. But the future is still bright.

  5. congrats jay now all the weight is lifted off your shoulders.good luck on the upcoming season.
    Is mitchell oates reclassing at high point christian?

  6. The scoop on Oates is similar to Canty. He was in a situation where he was better off leaving. When Clifford ended up at HPCA it became a no-brainer. I have heard Oates is reclassing and he will help HPCA tremendously for the next 2 years. This is a situation where it was a clean break. No recruiting or backstabbing by the former assistant, it just needed to happen for the best interest of the kid.

  7. er? not sure what you mean, but i am just relaying info I have gotten from the parties involved. don’t believe? just ask someone.

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