Greensboro Green Colts in action again tonight

Greensboro Green with Tucker Rogers on the mound leads Hoosier North 3-1 as they head to the top of the fifth inning with Greensboro Green heading to the plate.

Hoosier North left two men on in the bottom of the fourth. Greensboro up 3-1 with Josiel Colon heading to the plate for GB Green and Colon reaches on a bunt single to start the fifth. Sanders Kuxhausen up next for GB Green. A passed ball sends Colon to second.

If Greensboro wins tonight they would be facing unbeaten Tampa, Florida(3-0) at 5pm on Tuesday.

A ground out by Kuxhausen and Colon stays at second. Colon moves to third on a wild pitch. Sawyer Highfill with an RBI single brings in Colon from third and the score moves to 4-1 Greensboro Green. A one-out double by Luis Paula and Greensboro has two on with one out and Ben Schmucker to the plate. Schmucker strikes out on a throw to first base by the Hoosier North catcher after the dropped third strike and now there are two gone for GB Green. A new pitcher coming on for Hoosier North. AJ Williams up next to the plate for GB Green.

Williams walks to load the bases for Greensboro with two outs. David Anderson up next for GB Green. Anderson draws a walk on a 3-1 count and brings in Sawyer Highfill from third, an RBI walk for Anderson and Greensboro Green leads now 5-1. Tucker Rogers strikes out to end the inning and Greensboro leaves three men on, but picks up two runs in the top of the fifth to lead Hoosier North 5-1 as they go to the bottom of the 5th inning.

Ground out by HN to start the bottom of the inning. Base hit by HN off the glove of GB Green SS Luis Paula.

Greensboro Green(2-1) verus Hoosier North(2-1) tonight at 7:30pm at the Colt Baseball World Series in Lafayette, Indiana. Base hit by HN and a run in to make it 5-2 with the one run on two hits and two men left as we head to the top of the 6th inning it is Greensboro Green in front 5-2 over Hoosier North.

Chris Harrelson starts it off for GB Green in the top of 6, “Little Chris” at the plate and he draws a lead-off walk. Harrelson takes second on a wild pitch and then comes in to score on a triple by Joisel Colon. Now 6-2 Greensboro Green in front. Fans at Lafayette are filing out with GB Green up 6-2 and we will have to roll out soon too. Sanders Kuxhausen at the plate next for GB Green.

Someone please leave us the final score in the comment box and Go Greensboro Green!!!!! Ground Ball by Kuxhausen brings in Colon and it’s now 7-2 GB Green. RBI Kuxhausen as Colon scored from third base. Fly out and there are two gone.

We are gone too with Greensboro up 7-2 and a triple comes next for Luis Paula.

Greensboro Green leads 7-2…….

Winner should advance to tomorrow’s semifinals and still have a shot at the Colt World Series championship. Tampa(3-0) and Santa Clara(3-0) are the only two unbeaten teams remaining in the field.

You can hear tonight’s game at just after 7:30 on


  1. Great Job Greensboro!!!!!! Way to come back after a tough loss!

    Congratulations and keep it up.

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