R&B Greensboro Aggies 19-U Inner City Champions 2009‏

There is not one person on this Roster that did not contribute to this Championship.

Record 7-1

Roster School

Brock Hudgins SW Guilford

Ray Crawford Dudley

Brian Conley Ledford

Eric Kimber Dudley

Tyler Burchette Rockingham

Tevin Neal Dudley

Casey Jones Western Guilford

Jabril Shabazz Dudley

Joe Turkson Western Guilford

Quenton Scales Barlett Yancey

Matthew Hawkins Barlett Yancey

Sharod Williams Dudley

Corey Williamson Dudley

Shaquille Jacobs Grimsley

Ronnie Burkes Dudley

Daniel Massey Grimsley

MVP OF THE TOURNAMENT RAY CRAWFORD 16-22 3 Home Runs , 5 Doubles, 2 Triples

MVP OF CHAMPIONSHIP GAME CASEY JONES 3-4 Including the go ahead Double with the bases loaded and the score tied 4-4 in the top of the eighth inning.

Great weekend for these 16 good KIDS


  1. What has that got to do with the Aggies winning the tournament? Proehlific is basically a hand selected All-Star team with guys from every where. They should beat the Aggies and most others. I know they beat us (North Chatham) 6-0 in a game and we felt we did good competing with them. Not sure what your comment has to do about anything at all unless you are being a jackass. Congrats to these guys and some very good coaches on taking the tournament and representing the local area well.

  2. “Fred”,
    Yes P.P19u beat the Aggies (defeated P.P.17u) @ the Bob Doss,but if I’m not mistaken Did not P.P.19u beat Lynnhaven in the same tourney yet lost in the Palomino Regions @ Northern.What purpose was your post.
    Every post about baseball does not have to involve P.P.
    Congrats to the Aggies

  3. No I don’t think Fred is Justin at all. Justin has been great working with our guys doing things in games, tournaments, ect. So I would say definitely not. Someone just trying to stir up trouble for no reason.

  4. PP is made up of hand picked primarily rising college sophs and rising college freshman. Aggies were all High School players. Mostly rising seniors but also some rising juniors. Let this particular Aggie Team practice together for a week or two and they would beat PP. Remember, the Aggie Team in The Bob Doss didn’t have Ray Crawford, Joe Turkson, Brock Hudgen, Casey Jones and others. Tell Justin, I mean “FRED” to be quiet and we’re still waiting for the names of those D1 pitchers PP has.

  5. To: Aggie Pride

    We are all waiting patiently for that list. My bet is that the list, if we ever see it, is bogus!

  6. Again, Eddie must be a really frustrated person and ives a frustrated life. All he can do is bash people. Justin has forgotten more baseball at his young age than you will ever know. What have you done with your life in terms of baseball. Sounds like nothing but wishing.

  7. Justin does not let this stuff bother him. H e is out in California helping run the Palomino World Series. When he gets back he will put together his team for next year. Whether they make it to the World Series next year I do not know but they will be competetive. Keep up the good work Justin. All of the travel teams in this area deserve a lot of credit. PP, Academy, Prep Stars. Lets give these guys credit instead of bashing them. Eddie gets a thrill out of bashing other people. pp parent is on the right track.

  8. I do not usually write on this website but this is an exception. I agree with pp sponsor, all teams in the area need support and positive comments. Why is this website a site for bashing other people. We are all Americans, why can’t we get along. The Willis guy, I agree, must have a real tough life, but everyone has a right to their opinion. I had a professional scout tell me one time that if as a coach people don’t bash you sometimes you are not doing a good job. Justin, keep up the good work and let the frustrated people keep bashing.

  9. Mcintosh UNC Ashville,Self Campbell,Francis Campbell,Floyd offered by Wake,Moore A&T,Culberth offered by UNCG,Dobis is being recruited by several D1,Brewer Pembroke D2 This is the list its been published before. I hope this shuts you doubters Up. Don’t hate the players hate the game. Hey Eddie Willis were did you play,or a beter way to put it ,who did you pactice with?

  10. Guys,
    I just don’t like liars or people who hype themselves and try to make it look like something else. Pat, Johnny, Fred, Justin, have a great day!!!
    Pat, I played with some good ones and practiced with some bad ones!

  11. GREAT JOB GUYS..I like to see local kids win! remember people will always try to ruin your party ..thats life..dont feed them ..just let your stats and attitude do your talking!

  12. It’s a shame that this thread has become a pissing contest between so called ‘Adults’ when it should be about the accomplishment of a team in Greensboro and the surrounding area. Unbelievable.

  13. This post is supposed to be about a local team winning a tournament,Please let’s not forget this.All of these other issues and sidebars are off subject.If you are not here to CONGRATULATE theses young men PLEASE save your comments for another post. They deserve at least that much.They PLAYED,They WON,..now let them have THEIR TIME.
    Thank you

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