Tampa defeats Greensboro Green 10-7 at Lafayette, Indiana

Colt World Series Semifinals:
Final Score:
Tampa 10
Greensboro 7

Tampa 10-8-1
Greensboro 7-10-2

Sawyer Highfill strikes out and Green is down to their last out here in the 7th….Luis Paula at the plate for Green’s last chance…..Count runs full and with the 3-2 payoff pitch, Paula draws a two-out walk….Zach Hodges at the plate….Line out by Hodges and Tampa wins the game and moves on to the finals on Wednesday….

After six Tampa in front 10-7 and this will be Greensboro’s last chance coming up here in the top of the 7th….

Bottom of six, with two men gone and a Tampa runner at third base. Run scores from third on a passed ball and that is the second passed ball charged to Greensboro this inning. With the run in from third it is now 10-7 Tampa over Greensboro Green. Fly ball to Sanders Kuxhausen in right field and the inning ends and it stands Tampa 10, Greensboro Green 7……

AJ Williams draws a lead-off walk in the top of the sixth and David Anderson stands in at the plate and it is 2-0 quickly on Anderson. Tying run at the plate…..Ground ball by Anderson to short, throw to second to get Williams and Anderson reaches on the fielder’s choice. Elliot Slack at the plate and goes 1-2 in a hurry…David Anderson just got picked off of first base for out number two…Slack reaches on a ground ball to third that Tampa can’t handle and it’s a base hit for Slack and there’s one on with two gone….Ground ball by Josiel Colon to the first baseman and he touches the bag for out number three and we head to the bottom of the sixth inning and it is 9-7, Tampa in front over Greensboro Green….

Tampa goes quick in the bottom of the 5th inning against Luis Paula and Ben Schmucker hauls in a long fly ball to close out the inning and after 5 it is Tampa 9, Greensboro Green 7…….

Greensboro at the plate in the top of the fifth and the Green team can’t get anything going with no runs, no hits and nobody left as we head to the bottom of five and the score stands at Tampa 9, Greensboro Green 7…….

Tampa gets a double to start off the bottom of the 4th and then the runner steals second and comes in to score on a wild pitch to tie the game up at 7-7…..Big catch in left by Ben Schmucker and then there’s a ground-rule double and the tying run is at second and the runner steals third and the go-ahead run is at third. A long shot to right field and Tampa will move in front on a two-run home run for Tampa…..Now 9-7 with Tampa in the lead….Luis Paula will come to pitch for Greensboro Green as Zach Hodges is done for today….Ground ball chopped to third by Tampa, throw to first and inning is over…Tampa 9, Greensboro 7….

Colon at the plate for Greensboro to start the top of the 4th for Greensboro and Josiel Colon is called out on strikes, strike three and one gone for Greensboro. Sanders Kuxhausen at the plate next for Greensboro Green. Kuxhausen strikes out swinging after the Tampa catcher throws to first to complete the K and there are two gone for GB Green. Long foul ball for Sawyer Highfill with the count 2-2 and then a curve ball comes in for a called strike three and GB Green goes 1-2-3, all down by K’s in the top of the 4th and it’s 7-6, Greensboro Green over Tampa as we head to the bottom of the fourth…

7-6 Greensboro Green over Tampa after three innings….

Top of the third and now it’s 7-5 with Greensboro in front. David Anderson at the plate with one gone for Greensboro Green…David Anderson gone on a called strike three…Elliot Slack up next for GB Green…Ground ball to second by Slack and he’s gone and so are the Greensboro boys in the top of the third and as we head to the bottom of the third it’s 7-5, Greensboro in front of Tampa

Solo HR by Tampa in the bottom of the third and Tampa has closed to within one run and it’s now 7-6 Greensboro Green. For Tampa one run on one hit and that was the HR by Mike V and it is 7-6 GB Green after three complete innings….

Greensboro Green 7
Tampa 5

Bottom of the second…..Zach Hodges on the mound for Greensboro Green and Hodges had a huge double to drive in two runs in the top of the second…..Quickly two outs for Tampa in the bottom of the second…..Error on Paula at SS and the Tampa runner reaches with two outs in the bottom of number two…Runner takes second on a wild pitch and there’s a walk by Hodges and now there are two on with two gone….Big hit by Tampa as lost our transmission and the game is all of the sudden tightening up….

Greensboro 1 after one inning…..AJ Williams(Dudley) at the plate with a lead-off single to start the top of the second inning. Base hit David Anderson(HPW), with a double and Williams to third…..Two-run single by Elliot Slack(SWG) to bring in Williams and Anderson and we have a tie game at 3-3 with nobody gone in the top of the second…Greensboro scored it’s first run on an RBI by Sanders Kuxhausen(NWG). Fielder’s choice and Slack is gone at second and Josiel Colon(NEG) reaches at first. Colon steals second and then takes third on a throwing error by the Tampa catcher on a throw down to second base and Colon is at third. Sanders Kuxhausen draws a one-out walk and there are two on for Greensboro Green with only one gone. Sawyer Highfill at the plate….Base hit for Highfill to score Colon and Greensboro moves in front 4-3……Two-run, two-out double by Zach Hodges and Kuxhausen and Highfill score and it’s 6-3 Greensboro Green in front….Ben Schmucker at the plate….Ground ball chopped to second by Schmucker and an infield single scores another Greensboro run and it’s Greensboro Green 7, Tampa 3……


  1. A note to that came our way to be forwarded to “Little Chris” Harrelson:

    Hi Chris Harrelson this your God mother just wanted to wish you GOOD LUCK!!!

    Posted by Terri Smith

  2. Nice job fellas! I’m sure the experience created memories that will last a lifetime for you.

    We appreciate the reporting, Andy.

  3. The boys made it back last night. I would like to thank the Coaches – Brett, Deangelo, and JK. They did a wonderful job with the boys. Luis came back with a great experience on the field and with host family – and looking forward to competing for a spot for next year’s team.

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