Fill in the Quarterbacks: Fill in the quarterback blanks

Guilford County quarterbacks has been a topic of ours before here in the pre-season and let’s break this down again, as we get closer to the start of the real action, which will be one week from this Friday, on August 21.

We will toss in a few runningbacks today too, as we approach that opening game date of 9/21. You may be able to find some of these guys in the scrimmages which crank up later on this afternoon.

Guilford County QB’s we know of and few good backs lining up with them at our area schools and if you know of ones that we are leaving out, “Fill in the Blanks”…….

Dudley:QB Demetrius Dick….RB’s JR Peterson and Mycah Gaylord

Page:QB Bruce McCoy or James Summers…..RB’s Lenny Gordon, Thuc Phan, Drew Rogers

Grimsley:QB Layshawn Brown…..RB’s David Ray and Eric Davidson

Smith:QB ????? RB’s Elijah Jordan and Demari Boswell

Southeast Guilford:QB Kenyatta Robinson or Austin Bain….RB’s ?????

Western Guilford:QB ????? RB Hersell Smith

Ragsdale:QB Heavner or Herndon…..RB’s D’onovan Smith and Daiquan Thomasson

Northwest Guilford:QB ????? RB?????

High Point Central:QB Drew Adams…..RB Akeem Langham

Southwest Guilford:QB Davis Inman…..RB Jalen Kitching

Eastern Guilford:QB Derek Holbrook…..RB’s ?????

Northern Guilford:QB Rocco Scarfone…..RB’s ?????

Northeast Guilford:QB Darius White…..RB’s Rayshawn Trader, Michael Sanders and Trey Ingram

Southern Guilford:QB ????? RB Warren Scott

High Point Andrews:QB Marquez Swinton…..RB’s Jamie Smith and Xavier Quick

*****If you have any other names for us, then please fill in the blanks…….*****


  1. Any idea where he went? His brother Charles was a senior last year wasn’t he????? I heard Charles was headed to Clayton Banner’s Central Carolina Sports Academy…..

  2. Thomasson, formerly of Ragsdale, moved to Clayton, NC. His father found a job there and they had to move. Unsure about Charles, in fact I did not know they were brothers. Someone else may know.

  3. Dont believe Daiquan and Charles are brothers, but Dave has the accurate information about where Daiquan is.

  4. Maybe not brothers, but that was the word last year. With all the comings and goings, I don’t know how the schools keep up with all the kids.(In atheltics today you need a road map and a name tag.)

    Kirk would know what’s going on if he’s out there and what about these other teams and QB’s/RB’s.

    Thanks Bill for the WG update and we heard a week or two ago that the Godley kid from NWG had come over to WG. Is that still cooking or is he done???????

  5. Southeast……has to be Robinson. He looked good last year too. Mobile, good hands, good throws.

    Bain has some work to do to before he is ready to be a varsity QB.

  6. Sorry Andy but I don’t know. I’ve watched a few of those kids but not enough to share an opinion. I follow baseball a little more than football when it comes to the individual players.

    Ragsdale did scrimmage Cummings tonight. I shouldn’t say much other than to say the coaches have the boys on track. Maybe someone else can give details. No reason to give our first opponents any information.

  7. Kirk,
    It’s good to see you posting again! Andy, is Pauley going to be the starter @ NWG? I hear he has transferred back from Northern.

  8. This Central Carolina Sports Academy is definitely an interesting option for local talent that needs another year of Academic prep or playing experience are both. I’m headed out to Northwood on Friday to check out SEG. I know they lost the big back, Marques Haynesworth to the music industry.

  9. You guys should know I’ll post if I know something however I don’t have anything factual I can add to this topic, so I don’t post anything.

  10. The word is that both Pauleys will be back at NWG. The one kid, Eric Pauley I believe it is, is considered to be a College Prospect at LB……

  11. No QB Named. Alot of JV players and 4 starters returning. Should change the name to the Diaper Dandy’s. Will be a long season for NW.

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