High School Football Tonight: scrimmage action

I got a couple of calls on the scrimmages that were going on tonight and the word was that High Point Central was running all over North Forsyth and Grimsley was pretty much handling East Forsyth…..

Probably not a lot of the High Point Central Bison on the ground, running all over the place, probably quite a bit of quarterback Drew Adams exposing that North Forsyth Viking defense.

We won’t know it all for sure until we get the final call from Culler’s Pop Shoppe and from Wes Jones in the morning, but the early returns are telling us with Jimmy Moorman leading the defense and with Akeem Langham and Derek Grant all over the field catching DA’s passes, HPC is ready to make believers out of those that doubted their chances in the Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference.

The call on Grimsley said that Lay Lay Brown’s backup Kurt McPherson was lighting it up with deep, tight spiral passes and that the Whirlie receivers burned the East Forsyth Eagles on more than one occasion. The word I received said veteran runningback David Ray is going to have a bunch to say this season in the Metro 4-A.

They told me that Ray will lead the backs on offense and that Grimsley has a whole posse of receivers that can haul in the ball. This McPherson kid should be fun to watch and the insiders say he reminds them of Mark McGwire’s cousin, Dan McGwire, that stood 6’8 and starred in college at BYU.

I’m not sure if this McPherson guy is at the BYU level yet, but they say that LB Andre Oliver is the Whirlies top defender early in August. The word on the sidelines is that Lay Lay Brown, Torian Patterson and Eric Davidson were all missing tonight from the Grimsley lineup, due to slight injuries, but they all should be back in time for the Jamboree on Friday night…….

Scrimmage action continues on Thursday with Southeast Guilford at Northwood. On Friday and Saturday, it’s the NewBridge Bank Jamborees at West Davidson HS and at Rockingham County HS and Dudley is at Burlington Williams on Friday. Northern Guilford is heading down to South Carolina for a scrimmage on Friday afternoon. The Smith Golden Eagles will be hosting the Super Six Scrimmages on Saturday at Ben L. Smith High School.

If you have any other news on what was going on tonight please leave it in the comment box and the remember, the box is Wide-Open and we will add your info to our call-in information…….

One other thing my Grimsley phone caller told me was that the Whirlie offensive line was looking strong for this stage of the Pre-season. They said that Patterson, Reader, Clark, Manley and Jones are coming off the ball very fast for it to be this early in the campaign.

Also from the High Point Central camp, they said that one of the Johnson boys might be looking at Oak Ridge. Not sure if it’s Greg, Will, Taylor, Ray or Magic, and not sure if they are looking at the Oak Ridge Military Academy, the Oak Ridge Bank, the Oak Ridge Horse Show or the mold at Oak Ridge Elementary………

Keep the calls coming and if we can’t change the football results, we will give Mr. Obama’s universal health care reform/plan a shot……..


  1. Are there any scrimmages tonight?????(Thursday)

    Joe Barile needs to get in here and let us know about the Page Pirates although Joe might be covering Greensboro from Charlotte this year.

    He still needs to get in here and give us a quick synopsis……

  2. The deal with Smith HS hosting the Super Six on Saturday should be interesting with Charlotte Christian coming in with what many feel is the top linebacking corp in the state. Their three kids have signed with schools like UCLA, Duke, and Florida…..

    We are hoping that either Coach Brewington or Dennis White or Nathan White will contact us and give us some detailed info on the Super Six and maybe we can find out some more about the teams outside Guilford County…..

  3. Ragsdale and Cummings had a practice/scrimmage last evening. Ragsdale’s offense looked good. Defense for Ragsdale was dominant.

  4. To tell you the truth, I have no idea when or who Page scrimmages. I will try to find out today.

    In other news, I was at the Charlotte Catholic/Independence scrimmage last night.

  5. Andy,

    Sounds like ole Joe Barile is turning face on the Page Pirates and will be one of them Charlotte fan faithfuls…lol…

  6. Nope, I won’t be. I’m a Page fan for life.

    I was just at that scrimmage hanging out with some NCPreps friends.

  7. Each team looked a little out of sync which is to be expected in the first scrimmage. Catholic was able to use its “sneakery” with the misdirection and as always Indy bites hard with its aggressiveness resulting in some nice gains for the Pope’s Boys.

    Carrothers was on almost every throw but had four dropped passes. Two would have been for six. If Indy’s line can give him some time and the receivers catch the ball Indy will put up big numbers on offense. Indy’s running back, N. Fleming, looked tough but rolled his ankle on a long run when he was tackled at the goal line. He took a seat the remainder of the scrimmage. Indy is smaller than I have seen them in the TK era. The front seven was very slim.

    Thought Catholic’s line probably made the most mistakes that I can remember for them but they are very young. A couple of the running backs looked really impressive. The ends were able to seal edge and get the backs outside but the key with Indy is to turn it up quick. They will run you do if you stretch it out too far.

    Indy is a title contender obviously but not the easy pick as they were for many years. Catholic will take some lumps during the regular season with a real tough schedule but they will make noise in the playoffs.

  8. Nyjee Fleming of Indy already holds two offers from Virginia and Clemson got this info from NCPreps and he’s only a rising Jr.Glad to hear my Whirlies front line is looking good this early hope they keep it up. They couldn’t block worth nothing for Patterson last season.If it’s the same with no improvement from last season Lay Lay will be running for his life.

  9. The word was against East Forsyth that Lay Lay’s backup Kurt McPherson had plenty of time to throw.

    Lay Lay was sitting out with a mild injury most of the time on Wednesday, according to our sources and he will be more of the of the running QB and they like to air it out when McPherson is in there.

    From what we were told, Lay Lay should be back for the Jamboree on Friday.

  10. Thanks Andy maybe the offense Grimsley will be running will make a big diffrence. I always wondered why Saunders continued to run the Wing T with that offensive line we had last season(very young line ).The Wing T only works when you have a physical and experienced line,something they didn’t have last season.I really like Kurt he’s not the fastest but you give him time and he can pick a defense apart.If he makes the right reads and not throw any INT’s he will be ok.

    Go Whirlies

  11. Infamous is right on the money. The wing T requires a good OL which the Whirlies did not have last year. A change will make them better. I think they have a young energetic staff. Be patient Whirlie fans, your time is coming.

  12. Page has new jersey’s this year. Very sharp looking.

    White on Red with shiny silver numbers, and I think names on the back of their jerseys.

  13. Does sound like a cool jersy Joe. But I’ve never been a big fan of the name on the back, especially at the high school level. I go by the old saying, “the name on the front is a helluva lot more important than the name on the back”.

  14. No player names will appear on any of Page’s jerseys. Putting names on the back of jerseys doesn’t match with the athletic department’s philosophy. Playing for the name on the front is good enough for the Page folks.

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