Czar stepping down: Who to replace Mark Bush?

from Robert Bell at today’s News and Record and available on-line by Clicking Here.

You can read the guts of the story below, here at our site, and then you begin to wonder who will replace Mark Bush(who replaced the original Sports Commission leader/czar Tom Ward), and be our new leader/cheerleader/czar in bringing sports-related business into the Greensboro community, to bolster the city’s economoy?????

Two highly-qualified candidates that I have heard mentioned, are Demp Bradford, the current Sports Commission assistant, and Kim Strable, the former Athletics Director at Greensboro College.

Both of these men are very qualified to hold down this position and they are both local. Let’s hope the board/council decides to go local with their decision, since we have local leaders, who can hold down this spot.

Dick Grubar seems to have a good idea what needs to be done here, and again we say, “don’t look outside the area when you have qualified candidates right here in your own backyard”…..

Just some thoughts, and what do we know, this is a blog/ sports site and probably won’t go very far in helping to determine the outcome of any future renderings in this arena, but it sure is an interesting topic for discussion, and “here we go again”, as Mr. Reagan or Mark’s dad, George Bush Sr., used to say…..

Now here are the guts on that story or as we like to say in the home team garage; here are, the sports czar:

GREENSBORO — The man behind the scenes of some of Greensboro’s biggest sporting events is resigning after seven years as president of the Greensboro Sports Commission.

Marc Bush said Thursday he will step down next month, but will still help the commission as a volunteer and, possibly, as a board member.

Bush said he was leaving “because the time was right for me to make a change.”

“There’s no other job,” he said. “I just reached the stage in my life that I’d like to do some other things and accomplish other things.”

Dick Grubar, chairman of the board for the commission, said board members are debating whether to replace Bush with a local candidate or look nationally. Either way, he said, Bush will be hard to replace.

“I’m not excited about it but I certainly understand and appreciate what Marc has done for us,” Grubar said. “When you compare us to other sports commissions of the same size and budget I’d say we’re in the top three or four and maybe the best.”

Bush said he’s leaving at the right time.