Tom Berry asking questions and looking for answers in Chapel Hill

from Tom Berry at the High Point Enterprise and at This Spot:

What’s going on? Is third-year head coach Butch Davis recruiting a bunch of thugs?

Look out for North Carolina’s football team. On and off the field.

The Tar Heels may be ranked No. 20 nationally in Sports Illustrated’s preseason issue, but recent arrests have Carolina smelling rank.

Three court dates loom later this month for two current team members and a former player. The list of misdeeds includes running back Anthony Elzy being charged with marijuana possession, defensive end Donte Paige-Moss with simple assault and former guard Kevin Bryant with assault on a female.

What’s going on? Is third-year head coach Butch Davis recruiting a bunch of thugs?

Probably not, but there are reasons for concern as the Tar Heels enter what should be their best stretch of achievement since the Mack Brown days.

To make matters worse, Paige-Moss is charged with punching fellow freshman Hunter Furr(Mount Tabor HS) in a dorm. That probably won’t help team unity.

Davis said he has disciplined Paige-Moss and Elzy. Bryant did not report to training camp and is no longer on the team. Since taking over after the 2006 season, Davis has dismissed nine players – five in 2007 and four last season – for violating team rules.

On a program with more than 100 players – counting walk-ons – those numbers aren’t overwhelming. But they are too high.

“Everybody gets a second chance, but there aren’t going to be a lot of third or fourth chances,” Davis said after one of UNC’s recent practices.

Sometimes, no extra chances are justified.


  1. Butch, Blake and company are recruiting a different kind of kid than some of their competitors. (Wake being one of them)

  2. this program aint going nowhere im tellin ya the power in NC is gonna come from raliegh and im a wake fan but what TOB is doin over there is amazing

  3. How about Jared McAdoo? A UNC recruit caught selling drugs on the UNC campus while still a student at Chapel High. Butch still signed him. Enough said. The Rams Club big dogs will someday figure out that they wasted a lot of money on Butch’s program.

  4. Forgive my error. I meant Chapel Hill High in my previous post.To repeat Jared McAdoo a student at Chapel Hill High was caught selling drugs on the UNC campus. He was later signed by UNC football.

  5. Re: Jared McAdoo

    I’m no fan of Davis or thug football, but the charge against McAdoo was dismissed Jan. 21 (Durham Herald-Sun had a story on it). None of these schools is innocent when it comes to recruiting thugs. State has certainly had its share, and Wake has a player on its roster now, OT Dennis Godfrey, who was charged with the rape and kidnapping of a 16-year-old girl before he enrolled ( Unless a program is a total embarrassment to the university, it still comes down to how many games a coach wins, not whether he/she has good kids on the team.

  6. Charges against Godfrey were also dropped. Turned out it was someone chasing a dollar.

    Yea, right on with Saban. he’s as honest as they come. Go figure. 😉

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