Interview with Page Pirate football coach Kevin Gillespie ready for you

All you have to do is click on the Grasshoppers link at the top of our home page at and choose the Pirate Football interview….

This is an audio interview we did earlier this afternoon(8/19/2009), and we did the download in our Grasshoppers studios.

We will have to use our Grasshoppers link for our football interviews for a few days and then we will have our Football in Focus link going full steam ahead.

The interview lasts for a duration of right at 10 minutes and it should also be up and ready for you later today also at……

We will have more high school coaches coming up on Thursday and Friday and we thank Coach Kevin Gillespie for taking the time to talk to us today…….

Go to the Grasshoppers link and click on current videos and you will see Page Football and check in on this later today at YouTube….


  1. You can watch/listen to it now under the Grasshoppers listing….

    Just look for the Reggie poster on the wall.

    I just checked out about two minutes of it at 11:20pm……

  2. Andy,

    I can not locate this audio…I’ve followed the directions that you’ve posted, and I see no Reggie anything anywhere…Can you just put a link to the audio on this blog?..


  3. Just click on the Grasshoppers Baseball link at the top of this home page and scroll down to where it says:

    Past games can be found here and click on the link “here”….

    Scroll down to the piece entry and it will say don moore:Page Pirates Football 2009 and you are in…..Reggy is the poster you will see on the wall and that is the backdrop for our studio….(Don Moore site admisistrator.)

    Any problems let me know, sorry for any inconveinence and it is ready for streaming, I just checked it out about 2 minutes ago and the audio interview is waiting on you…..

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