A couple of changes on the Greensboro Grasshoppers’ roster

from Will Cornelius Hoppers’ media:

— INF Jake Smolinski activated from Disabled List
— INF Smelin Perez placed on Disabled List (Left Thumb Sprain)


  1. Hey Andy…any idea on Kevin Mattison’s status? I know he broke his finger. Is he out for the year or still disabled?

  2. Well that’s a pretty good year! I think he might end up in instructional league for some extra ABs that he didn’t get at the end of the year witht he broken finger…thanks for the update Andy

  3. Andy, what’s the scoop on Hickman? Has he been battling injuries this year, or just struggled in the Florida State League?

  4. Tom Hickman was batting right around .129 for the Jupiter Hammerheads and he left the team for about a month, did some soul searching, and then they brought him back and they sent to Greensboro when Jeremy Synan got called up to Jupiter.

    Tom had 15 HR’s and 59 RBI’s here in Greensboro last year, so this must be his type of town and let’s hope it carries over to Jupiter or Jacksonville when he gets the call again……

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