What’s a parent to do?????

from our recent comment and E-mail files and as the Hulkster used to say, “Whatch you gonna do?????”

I am the parent of an out-of-district player. We are out for the academics – her district has a horrible academics record and an even worse student conduct record.

I wanted my child to have opportunities and be challenged in a positive learning environment without fear. They just also happen to play sports. Should this kid be forced to attend a school that cannot meet the academic needs and deal with gang issues just because of the sports or should they be allowed to attend a school that meets those needs without safety concerns and play the sports?

What about the High IQ Bowl? Are those kids questioned about district? Aren’t there more academic scholarships available then athletic? We cannot afford to move nor do we want to leave a home we love and have been in for 17 years, but we want what is best for our child and are doing what we have to do to ensure a positive high school experience.

Am I a bad person for giving my child an opportunity to be a better person? If so, then save me a spot in hell for doing what is needed in the best interest of my child.

Oh – I will NOT give my name, my childs name, sport or school – don’t even ask!


  1. Hi Parent – I know exactly what you should do but first I need a little information. What is your name and what is the address of the school your daughter attends? Or if you don’t want to give that out, what’s your child’s name and what sport does she play?

  2. I’d say, question you are asking too much. No dis toward you, I don’t even know you, but there are too many crazy people out here and vitals pertaining to kids don’t need to spread around…..

    Andy Durham

  3. It’s simple. You get a transfer approved for academic reasons (I hear there are very many reasons you can use). If it’s all about academics and a positive environment then you shouldn’t worry if there is a “sit out period” for sports.

  4. Andy,

    Are you insinuating I am crazy?!?!? LOL! I was just asking for that personal info because parent said “DON’T ASK!”. I didn’t take it personally as I know you run a great site and I’ve never heard an unkind remark about you.

    That being said: I wholeheartedly agree with dweeb. If it is all about academics then incurring the sit out period should not matter. But the truth is: athletics do matter to some people. Just like the great biology teacher matters to some, that band matters to others, and that coach matters to others. So a child may choose band but doing so may prevent that child from playing football. Or being in AP Biology may be too difficult while trying to compete in track too. Sometimes we have to sacrifice a little to benefit in another area. So if it’s all about academics, sitting out will not matter. Parent makes a good point though about the High IQ bowl and such. It seems as if now you can transfer for nearly ANY reason EXCEPT sports.

  5. Not a problem, just trying to keep a safe haven for the kids and their famlies, thanks for the input.

  6. I apologize for posting this here but I know a lot of people that read this are concerned about kids in Guilford County. Deana Hayes, Guiford County School Board member has appointed Jorge Cornell to the School safety committe. If you don’t know who Mr. Cornell is read up on him. If you do, this should scare the $^*# out of you.

  7. Valid point by Topfin29 and GB was headed toward the target earlier, we just had to rearrange the into. I think we know where you were coming from GB, just need to do as Mr. Bunker said and keep it “All In The Family”.

  8. I tried to find out where one school board member can appoint a person to a committee but had no such luck. I have read about Cornell and although I do not condone his past, I DO condone his trying to better his community.

    Our reality is there are 8 yr olds on the bus talking about gangs. Some already flash signs and these young kids already know what black or blue or green and red beads mean. They can identify some gangmembers and his/her set just by his shoelaces or his hairstyle. My point is look how long it took GPD to even recognize that the gangs were here. Look how long it took them to even take action. I would rather have a person who KNOWS that Bloods wear more than just red. Someone who knows that the spacing between the beads on someones necklace indicates his/her standing within his/her set. And someone who knows that if that person takes it upon himself to elevate his/her standing without “putting in work”, he/she faces internal punishment and is targeted by rival gangs. I didn’t know these things. I saw Cornell in Ray Warren and found this out by simply talking to the man. I have never seen any other school board member aside from Amos Quick in Ray Warren. So, assuming his intention were honorable, I’d rather have this person included in making our schools more ware of the growing gang culture than someone who has no idea what they are dealing with.

    I read the same type post several days earlier. I am not sure if this has more to do with Hayes than Cornell. Maybe this is a bad decision but I think it is an attempt to get an expert opinion and resolution to gangs in our schools. I have three kids in GCS. Maybe we just need someone else who commands the young kids’ respect and knows all about the culture including the dilema some of these children face when their neighborhood, their friends, and even relatives are already in it. I watched this man talk to thirty young kids in Ray Warren Homes and tell them he loved them and he wanted the best for them. I just haven’t seen anyone command the attention and respect of children 6-16 like he did that day. It’s obvious that some of them will fall, some may even try to be him, but it’s just a chance – that all these kids need. I would rather know that my young neighbor is LEANING in that direction or is already starting in that direction rather than find out when the police pick him up , he is trying to break my door down, or he is being buried.

    Okay now who is with me on my prediction that my alma mater Grimsley will “upset” Hillside and their undisciplined offense tonight?

  9. Just it is true He has been appointed, and while I share your view of giving people a second chance my reality is a little different. My child is smart enough to know gangs are bull****. I do not want a convicted felon who’s organization is supported by illegal activity anywhere near my child. These reformed criminals are not the example to put in front of our kids. I want my kid to be exposed to the guy that never joined a gang, never committed a crime, never did drugs. That’s the role role model I want for my kid. There was a documentary on HBO maybe 5 years agao about the leader of the Latin Kings in NY. Same BS I want to help the community, I’m fighting for justice but in the end after all the BS he caught a rap for selling drugs. If Mr Cornell is serious I need to see a few things:

    1 Go a calendar year without getting arrested. Even the staged publicity stunt he has conviently removed from his website after catching hell from everyone.

    2. Apologize for all the crimes you committed.


  10. Currently you will not lose anything as long as you kid does not get involved with sports.

    Now if your kid get on a High IQ team and wins, your kid will be subject to
    an investigation. That kid could be labeled a cheater.

    I heard the GCS is working on new rules that would be equal to all. If you transfer
    for any reason sports, foreign language, academics your kid would have to sit out of
    school for the entire year.

    I know you want the best academics for your kid. But you have to learn to take what this great county has dealt you. You cannot change jobs because that may require you to move within another district. You certainly cannot aspire to purchase a new home in a new district. That will require a transfer to a new school. Learn to enjoy life the way it is. Deal with what you have. This is the Guilford County way.

  11. Student/athletes should play for the school in their attendance zone—–NO EXCEPTIONS. Also, just curious as to why all the school’s test scores results were published in the Rhino Times EXCEPT FOR THE DUDLEY ACADEMY. One would think a magnet academy would have higher scores than a traditional high school that the system would love to report as a brag to the entire GCS community. What were the scores like at the Dudley academy? Will anyone EVER know?If the scores aren’t any better than traditional high school scores then all kinds of know-it-alls will demand it get shut down. Is it an athletic recruiting tool? After this Northern situation the public is beginning to want answers.

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