HS Football Friday Finals

Smith 42(See Smith totals below.)
WS Atkins 0

Page 54(Tuc Phan runs wild with at least 2 TD’S and 70 yard kickoff return.)
WS Parkland 14

Northern Guilford 43(Keenan Allen and Maurice Harris with 7 TD’s between them. Rocco Scarfone 3 TD passes.)
Western Guilford 36

Dudley 28
WS Carver 20

Ragsdale 39
Southern Guilford 7

Durham Hillside 22
Grimsley 0

Northwest Guilford 40
Eastern Guilford 28

WS Reynolds 20
High Point Central 7

Southwest Guilford 20
Southeast 10

Northeast Guilford 30
High Point Andrews 19

Last check we had it was:
Mallard Creek 35
Charlotte Independence 21

*****Independence marches back to win it 42-41 over Mallard Creek.******(Thank to Joe Barile for the final.*****

Smith Golden Eagle totals:
QB Cody Davis 3 TD passes…..

Elijah Jordan 9 carries 127 yards, 37 yard TD reception…

Eric Ebron 1TD on a 14 yard pass reception….

Marlon Hughes 13 yard TD pass reception and a 30 yard TD run….

DL Boswell 17 yard TD run…

Daniel Boatang and Antwan Neveous 22 tackles between them…..

Smith 260 yards on the ground……


  1. congratulations to ng for their win tonight also looks like several people were right about grimsley game tontie they never even scored

  2. Update on that Indy/Mallard Creek game..

    Indy came back to win 42-41.

    Mallard Creek went for 2 at the end of the game to win it and failed on the attempt.

  3. Heard McCain was not hittin the books. Wasn’t qualified to be a senior. Good luck to him @ his private school

  4. Your source is not a good source. I would quit listening to him/her. The situation had nothing to do with academics or anything related. It was related to an incident which he had been punished for that would have been very unfair. You have to believe that there are still some very vindictive people in the GCS. Just my opinion but it is factual.

  5. Robert, so in other words, Christian would have had to sit out a year. Is that what you are saying? Why would someone at GCS be vindictive to Christian? Seems odd. I have a hard time seeing that out of GCS.

    I had always heard he was a good student and speaking with teh mother and the kid they said the same thing. First impression is that he is well-spoken and polite.

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